NEW SHOW! Wednesday, September 25th @ 8am PT / 11am ET

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NEW SHOW! Wednesday, September 25th @ 8am PT / 11am ET

PattyKennedyLightworkers in the Corporate World!  Tune In for Live Energetic Shifting with Yuen Method™ Practitioner; Patty Kennedy!

TUNE IN: (click on LISTEN NOW! for Live Streaming)

It’s never too late to live the life you were meant to.  Get out of your own way.   Ask for what you want, expect you will receive it and then believe it when it comes your way.  You possess the power to make the choice to live a great life!


About Patty Kennedy:

Patty has studied many healing modalities including The Yuen Method™, Reiki and Soul Voice Sound Healing.   She is involved in a practice group with other healers but has yet to hang her shingle out to the general public.

She is a recently divorced mother of four children and works in the 8 to 5 corporate world.  She  utilizes her energy and clearing skills on a day to day basis in her work as a person whose job is to build bridges between departments to solve problems and build cooperation.

Since embarking on her journey with The Yuen Method™, she has lost 50 pounds, found her confidence and the love of her life.  She is a positive, outgoing person whose motto is “If you see someone without a smile, give them yours”.  (Courtesy of Dolly Parton)


Tune In Wednesday, September 25th at 8am PT / 11am ET : 

(click on LISTEN NOW! for Live Streaming)






Phone: 306-545-9869 (Central Time Zone)

LinkedIn: www.LinkedIn/PattyKennedy



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Missed the show?  Recording is available 24-48hrs after the original show’s air time at the guest’s profile link below.  Simply click on the ‘Archives’ tab under the guest’s biography, then select the highlighted month…a ‘Play’ and ‘Download’ button will appear:



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