NEW SHOW! Wednesday, October 9th @ 8am PT / 11am ET

//NEW SHOW! Wednesday, October 9th @ 8am PT / 11am ET

NEW SHOW! Wednesday, October 9th @ 8am PT / 11am ET

KarenBettenRaising Children with Insight so they can Master their own Life with Karen Campbell Betton

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Have you every been unsure of what to do when your child was sick, challenged or frustrated? Have you ever been unsure of how to guide your child to succeed in life? In today’s world we are bombarded with expert opinions about what we should be doing. Wouldn’t it be nice to have certainty about what is best for us and our children? Listen in to connect with 2 practitioners that use the YUEN method to guide their children to connect to their OWN insight so they can master their OWN life.

About Karen Campbell Betten:

Karen Campbell Betten is a Yuen Master/Instructor, Certified Body Talk practitioner and owner of Intuitive Living New York, which provides private and group sessions, seminars and soon to be tele-seminars to connect people to their infinite potential in all aspects of life.

Karen began her journey as a registered nurse in her early twenties working in one of the top trauma centres on the East coast. She went on to graduate with a masters degree in nursing from the University of Pennsylvania and became a Certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner working alongside a prominent colon and rectal surgeon at Columbia University.

This extensive experience in surgery and trauma left her with many questions such as:
•Is recovery from illness, disease and accidents possible without struggle, excessive time and pain?
•Is there something that supports the whole person: body/mind/spirit?
•What could assist people in making decisions when overcome with emotions such as fear?
•Can we be stronger than our challenges?

She was intrigued by what was missing in the cause and effect explanations often heralded by allopathic medicine to explain recovery or lack of recovery for various conditions. Marriage and having children of her own only deepened these and many other questions. She explored many modalities of healing including nutrition and took her first step away from allopathic medicine with the home birth of her last two children. An exhilarating and empowering experience that opened her eyes to the incredible strength and potential of the body/mind/spirit.

BODYTALK marked the next big wave of change in her life. At her first body talk session she experienced the freedom from a constant state of worry and anxiety for the first time in her life. And not only that…the experience was not limited to just the time in the session. The body talk system utilizes concepts and philosophies derived from quantum physics, chiropractic medicine, acupuncture, chinese medicine theories and numerous other scientific and holistic modalities. Body talk shifted her prevailing experience as a “victim” of her challenges, illnesses and relationship situations to someone who had the tools to manifest her future. AMAZING!!

THEN a colleague introduced her to the YUEN Method™. BAM!! Shifts began happening with lightening speed. Neutralizing emotions and thinking unveiled her STRONG insight that led to certainty in decisions. Certainty and an effortlessly ability to connect to the answers, actions and results created the MANIFESTION of dreams, wishes and desires. Personal experiences with colds/flus, miscarriages, relationships issues, pain, and anxiety suddenly became LESS SERIOUS. Laughter became contagious and abundant in the Betten household. When our issues and situations have the space to be less serious we then can connect with the clarity we already have to resolve them. Karen’s practice integrates her life experiences and various trainings to connect you to your infinite potential…..effortlessly…. and you can bet you will have a laugh along the way!!



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