Holiday Madness? Let’s shift it!

//Holiday Madness? Let’s shift it!

Holiday Madness? Let’s shift it!

An Excerpt from The Truth is Funny – Lyme Dis-Ease… What’s Bugging You?

There’s a lot happening on the planet right now, it’s what’s coming up for a lot of people and on a collective level. I’m talking about all the people on this planet. All the beings on this planet are experiencing this kind of major transition here. Take the holidays for example. We had Thanksgiving weekend in Canada here and you guys were celebrating a holiday in the U.S. The holiday season brings up a lot of grief for people.

That’s why on Monday, when it was Thanksgiving Day here, and Pat gave me the opportunity to host her show, I went for it right away. I understand that the people who are quite often looking for perfection in the holidays; you want the day to go just right. If you have pressing concerns in your family, where things need to be addressed, let’s just strengthen that for everybody out there during the holiday season.

I kind of backed off the holidays a bit myself. I am in a place where I feel like I don’t want to be dictated when I’m going to gather with my family and what I’m going to do when I gather with my family. I prefer to just know that when it’s strong for my family to get together energetically, that it will just happen with ease and effortlessness. Just the fact that you have people from all over the country trying to fly and get to places to be there for a specific day complicates things.

And so that’s what’s coming up, all these complications for you. Let’s strengthen you to how complicated life is and remember that this is when you get the strength to process your boundaries. And the things that are coming from external dynamics and come from outside, you can strengthen yourself to those as well and be in a strong place so you can handle it with ease.

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