Our Relationship with Animals

//Our Relationship with Animals

Our Relationship with Animals

An Excerpt from The Truth is Funny –An Interview featuring Will Hatch and guest callers

Caller Roberta has a Cocker Spaniel with some health issues.  Colette and Will strengthen the worried caller’s bond to her aging dog.

Roberta:           My Caylee is retaining water and everything that’s been tried is just making it worse.

Colette:            On a scale of 0 to 10, ten being the worst, where are you on the scale?

Roberta:           Well, I’m pretty much at 10 because its…

Will:                   Eleven.

Roberta:           Correct. Everything that I’ve tried is just making it worse.

Colette:             Okay. So there’s that word ‘try’. We’re just going to delete that and the effects of that. Will, what are you picking up here?

Will:                    That can really be a hard word to hear. This is one of those apparent moments where nothing we’re doing is working and the answer is somewhere that we haven’t even considered looking at because we’ve been so busy dealing with what apparently is. And it’s this reminder that I get every time nothing is working; we’re not doing the right thing. We’re not looking at the problem the right way. We’re not getting the point. And so this is one of those really challenging moments, I see, where you’ve exhausted so much creativity and you’re still looking at the dog trying to figure out how to deal with the problem.

Colette:            I just wanted to explain this, that our pets quite often take on our issues and our problems. Dogs are extremely loyal. They see your emotions. So you know this dog is 11 years old, she’s a Cocker spaniel and she’s getting older, so we’re just going to strengthen that for you. And recognize that she could really live well and that you could enjoy her company immensely every day.

I tell people with pets that when we face these things what we want to do is we want to strengthen our ability to be able to be in a place where we reflect just a calmness, a presence with our animals that everything’s going to be all right. In many ways they are our children. Your number one weakness right now is more the grief you’re feeling and that’s a very watery emotion. So we want to strengthen you not to feel this grief and to feel the joy of what this dog is giving you in this moment, and to take it one day at a time

Every time you look at your dog, touch your dog, she just feels a total complete love you have for her and that you accept that love back from her. So when you pet your dog, make sure you run your energy all the way from her nose, all the way down to the tip of her tail. And as you pet her, strengthen her central nervous system working all the organs 100%.

How does that feel now?

Roberta:           I think I’m at 0.

Colette:             There you go. Thank you for calling in.

Roberta:           Thank you very much to both you and Will.

To Listen to The Full Interview, Click Here

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