Coloring Life with a Spirit of Gratitude

//Coloring Life with a Spirit of Gratitude

Coloring Life with a Spirit of Gratitude

An excerpt from The Truth is Funny with Guest and Life Sparks Author Jean Farish.

Colette: I have a special guest with me, one of my Life Sparks co-authors and her name is Jean Farish. Her chapter in Life Sparks book begins on page 83 and it’s called “Coloring Life with a Spirit of Gratitude.” Driven by her mission of service, she uses her skills and talents to make a difference in the lives of people, through personal development and community enrichment classes. Jean accepts  life challenges with valuable essence to continue to inspire her own transformational journey, as she helps others to become more insightful and introspective.

It’s been such a pleasure to connect with my fellow authors, because we’re scattered all around the world. Jean, I would like to hear what inspired you to write the chapter in this book?

Jean:  Thank you Colette. A lot of the universal experience that we all share, in every minute of the day there’s a loss. There’s a loss of a job, divorce, accident, diagnosis, perhaps a loss of material thing, loss of dreams and hope for ourselves and others. And through these loss experiences we can lose our sense of self and become fractured. Who am I without this limb, this wrist, this person, my job, my home, my dreams? And so therefore, these are things that define who we are and as with lots of these loss experiences, we have very insurmountable challenges that produce overwhelming grief and physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional distress. So it takes the toll on us and it’s an opportunity for us to reconnect to our truth. And my chapter really highlights my personal challenges dealing with compounded losses.

Colette: And what sort of challenges did you face?

Jean: I can truly say that it began with a loss of my car that triggered a spectrum of losses. I have experienced the death of significant people in my life who were personal friends, mentors, colleagues, as well as relatives, and I also experienced the loss of a sacred place that I established;  a little sacred condo that I had and I lost it as a result of hurricane Katrina. Everything came tumbling down with all those raw emotions, being exposed with the undercurrent of hard to believe and feelings of, am I deserving, am I not worthy? And so it really just triggered a lot of emotional distress for me and spiritual distress as well. I realized that I had not given myself the personal compassion and attention that was needed. And you know, we are really personally accountable and must give ourselves that attention that’s required to go through the healing process and become more empowered.

Colette: Thank you, Jean for sharing your wonderful story…

If you want to listen to the full interview, click here

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