Finding The Strength Within The Midst of Chaos

//Finding The Strength Within The Midst of Chaos

Finding The Strength Within The Midst of Chaos

An excerpt from The Truth is Funny- Constructive Communication Or Knee-Jerk Reaction?

We as human beings, right now, have a lot of information thrown our way and so a lot of that information is coming up through the media, it’s coming in through different networks and as I always say, we operate on many different levels. So a lot of people are feeling these energies coming in without realizing where they’re really coming from. Once we identify this and we get in touch with that, we can find the weakness and we can then shift it in a better way. What I mean by this is a lot of times people will have a problem with their health and they’ll think it’s their health, but it’s actually their fitness. Or they’ll think they have a problem with their finances, but it’s actually a problem with their relationships. And so we think real hard about it and we’re trying to solve the problem by focusing on what we think it is. Then we end up in a situation where we have poor communication within ourselves and our internal forces go weak. We want to keep our body and our spirit really strong. And when information comes in from external forces and it shakes us up, sometimes it will have an effect on our internal forces. So we want to stay strong within ourselves and be able to listen to our intuition, listen to what the question is from ourselves, what the answer is and move forward from a place of strength. It’s kind of like when you’re in the eye of the storm. When you’re in the eye of the storm, it’s quiet, there’s clarity, but if you’re in the chaos that the storm is creating around you, things are flying around and you’re in fear and in chaos. It’s almost impossible to get into the place that we need, being able to make strong choices and to make these choices from a place of neutrality. And so you can think about that like being in the eye of the storm. But when you’re in the eye of the storm and you’re not focusing on all the negative effects, then you can find the solutions that would better your communication. And so a lot of us do have a problem sometimes when we’re communicating with others.

All of us have different personalities and a lot of different kinds of caps that we put on. I explain this kind of like if we’re going to a PTA meeting, we’re going to wear a certain cap. If we’re going to work and we need to talk to adults, we’re going to wear that cap. When we’re working with young children, we’re going to put on a different cap. We all have this kind of personality traits that we operate from. And when we understand within ourselves these traits better, then we’re able to use the appropriate personality trait for the appropriate action. And so this is about really understanding, getting a better understanding of who we are and being in a place of moving towards that.


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