An Unexpected Awakening

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An Unexpected Awakening

Recently, on The Truth is Funny, I interviewed fellow Life Sparks author Anita Stewart on her chapter titled “An Unexpected Awakening”. In this episode, I find out more about Anita’s story, how she learned about energy medicine and what her work entails now. The following is an excerpt from the Truth is Funny with my guest Anita Stewart.

Colette Stefan: What got you into healing work and what prompted you to write this chapter?

Anita Stewart: The story I wrote about is called ‘An Unexpected Awakening’ in Life Sparks and that was the day that my life was changed dramatically forever. And I was working in an ER at a hospital in Southern California at a trauma centre and out riding my horse up in the mountains with my husband and my horse was full of piss and vinegar, bucked me off, threw me right on my head on a rock, broke my back, fractured my skull, fractured my scapula, hardest bone in the body to break, and it laid me up for four months. And at the time my husband was in real estate and that was back in 1981 when interest rates spiked up to 20/21% so nothing was moving and I was working per diem without benefits so we were had no income whatsoever. So during that time I was laid up and was pissed… just angry…

Colette Stefan: Yeah. I can imagine!

Anita Stewart: You know, we’re losing our house… it was my, you know the house of my dreams, having my horses in my back yard and… so a girlfriend brought a book over for me to read because she knew I was pissed and she was one of my spiritual buddies in the ER. And as I was reading the book, it was one of those books that had each page was like a little conversation with God, and so I got really angry and I said ‘okay God, if you want to talk to me, you make that clock stop ticking’ and I had this big grandfather clock, with a pendulum you know, and all of a sudden the room became silent, like one of those sensory deprivation tanks. I mean it was spooky it was so silent. And this voice says, ‘my child you have many questions, I’m here to answer them’. And before I could even formulate the question in my mind, the answer was there and that went on for hours and when it stopped I called my husband and said ‘honey, honey, God talked to me!’ And he thought ‘okay, she fractured her skull, there’s something going on here’. But the beautiful thing was I was told that I was going to be used as an instrument for this healing energy to come through and of course being a nurse and wanting to know the pathos or theology behind everything, I was like, ‘okay, what do I read, what do I study, what classes do I take, who do I talk to’. And this voice just says ‘you need do nothing. You get out of the way, and the work will be done through you’ and so I listened to the voice and it guided me to buy a table, it guided me to call my girlfriend and put it over… put it on the table, and my first experience of this was so profound and that was the beginning of it.

Colette Stefan: Awesome, you know this is so typical of someone who is telling the story of when they’re really, truly falling into their purpose in life.

Anita Stewart: Yeah.

Colette Stefan: Yeah. I mean, it’s a beautiful thing. Tell us about your new book coming out.

Nurse-Spark Anita StewartAnita Stewart: The day before the Life Sparks book was published we had the idea for another book and it’s called Nurse Sparks. It has been absolutely amazing to watch this book take a life of its own. We gathered together nurses, about twenty nurses who have amazing stories of transformation, illumination, inspiration, and these are nurses with varying backgrounds, really, really amazing, powerful nurses. And we were very fortunate to obtain one of the nurses who started the American Holistic Nursing Association, Lynn Keegan, and she has agreed to write the forward to Nurse Sparks. So we are thrilled with this beautiful woman who has written over twenty-one books and authored many, many journals. So that will be out in May.


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