Moving Beyond Self Deception

//Moving Beyond Self Deception

Moving Beyond Self Deception

This week I chatted with one of my favorite energy practitioners, Phil Free. I’ve been working with Phil for close to ten years now. He began using energy work to improve his life when he was affected by allergy symptoms in 1998 and he has continued to apply energy to himself and for others to fix issues and make improvements for himself, his family, his friends, clients and he really feels strongly that others can also benefit from this knowledge too. In my previous show, we explored the root causes of why we lie to ourselves.

The following is a short excerpt from The Truth is Funny. Shift Happens… – Recognizing and Moving Beyond Self Deception with Phil Free

Colette Stefan: We wanted to talk about self-deception and how we tell ourselves things about ourselves. We say like for instance, we should do this or you know we have to do that and we wanted to talk about how we can let go of that. Tell us how we can move through these motions?

Phil Free: Humans have sensations and society calls it like the gut feeling of things. Basically, it’s learning to listen, it’s learning to get beyond deception, learn to listen to ourselves, and find the authority within. When we find that authority or the authority within no one’s going to have the answers better than us for ourselves and that’s what we’re looking for. And then, we get to that point we’re we get out of our self-deception by applying that process to our everyday lives. It helps to see other people’s deceptions and their own self-deceptions and society’s deceptions, etc., but as we awaken to all this, there’s definitely things we can do to improve our situation. And it’s important to catch all the little ways that we deceive ourselves.  Awareness is a huge part of getting out of it.

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