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Unlock the Knowledge of the Enneagram

By Michael Deleag
In the nutshell, the enneagram is an older, spiritual understanding based on 9 personality types. “Ennea” comes from Greek, meaning 9 and “gram” or “gramos” means figure, so in other words it means a nine-pointed figure. And it basically says that there are 9 types of persons in this world and that people form one of the 9 personalities.

When we consider imbalances or weaknesses from an energy point of view, they’re very easily pointed out just like a roadmap with each personality.

Generally after listening to people talk about them self, I would ask people particular questions about themselves. So, I’d ask, like, ‘How do you get energized? Do you get energized being by yourself, being with people?’ I’d also ask ‘How do you feel about planning your day? Are you structured or are you loose on details and go with the flow?’ Based on a few questions, I was able to see some general patterns that certain people, certain numbers tend to have the same responses to these types of questions. Their numbers start to reveal themselves. It helps me tune into that person, and based on that I would start reading characteristics, both strengths and issues to work on and often, I start to resonate with it.

The nine personalities each have a name and they’re shaped in the circles, the 9 being on top and going 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8. And that’s how it’s formed, doesn’t mean that a number is better or worse if they’re higher or lower. And so, each type will also have a wing. I like to say it’s like you have chocolate ice cream. You either have dark chocolate or light chocolate and your wing is always a number next to your main type. For example, if you are a four, you’ll either have a five or a three wing and that will help, basically, flavor your personality. So if you’re four to five wing, you’ll tend to be a little bit more introverted and analytical than four to three. You’ll have this ability to draw back; it’s easier for you to be more neutral at things. For a three, they might be more of goal setters, extroverted and things like that, but then might not be quite as introspective as a four-five. So the beauty of that is it helps you appreciate more because we all have virtues, which are our strengths, and then we all have vices, which are basically life lasting.

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