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Life Transforming Transitions



I typically pull an energy correcting card prior to my show The Truth is Funny. And today, I pulled the transition card (right). The transition card means exactly what is says transition. And I just want to explain this in terms of being born because a lot of birthing issues come up for people. Death and birth are very, very similar. With death, a lot of people see the light and they go to the light. And when you consider a baby being in the womb and being in the dark and then being born, they come into the light. The difference is when you’re born, your parents catch you and when you die, God catches you. I call that God Source Energy. Pure love is what I mean by that. I just want to strengthen all the love and clear any Karma that’s left of suffering or having to pay the price for anything. So we’re just going to erase those feelings so there is no suffering or inner turmoil to deal with.

I’ve actually asked Archangel Michael to come in, and that’s my devotion card, which is about life purpose. And so I wanted to strengthen everyone to their purpose for coming into this world. Everything known and unknown about our journey on this earth at this time contributes to letting go of any exhaustion from ancestors down the line. Going further, it’s okay to open your heart and know you are not being punished. We all are on our journey. For all the people I’ve worked with around the world, you just know when it’s time for people to make their transition. It’s very challenging to transition and this card in particular does not just mean transition in birth and death. If you have that card come up, it just means you might be having a transition of your own. There are very significant transitions and so people moving, getting divorced, having a baby, getting pregnant all of these are transitions and I want to strengthen all of this for everybody struggling with these.

It is my pleasure to share life transforming information and provide you with an opportunity to delete energetic weaknesses and shift challenges into possibilities. For those of you looking to identify and eliminate underlying influences that are weakening your specific situation, I conduct personal consultations to help you get to the root cause of what’s preventing you from achieving your life goals. Also, my paintings and energy correcting cards are the perfect tool to instill positive energy into a room because they embody movement, color, light, textures, nature and the elements, inspiring positive emotional states. You can get your own cards that you identify with to help you breathe fire into your life. To learn more about the energy correcting cards, visit Thanks for reading.

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