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“Find Your Personal Power” – with special guest Samaria

It is my pleasure to share life transforming information and provide you with an opportunity to delete energetic weaknesses to shift challenges into possibilities.

I have a very special guest today, Samaria, and we are going to talk about using your intuition to solve life’s most challenging problems, and the instant relief you will experience! Samaria is the most experienced, fully accredited, licensed chakra dance facilitator in the Calgary/Alberta area. She uses her intuition to facilitate counseling to those in need. She also has many years of experience in the addiction, mental health and disability fields. Intrigued? Of course you are! Check out Samaria’s website here.

Samaria and I came to know each other through the founder of The New Earth Expo. This expo is a complete body, mind and spirit connection that brings you the very best of eco-friendly, holistic, alternative medicine and spiritual lifestyles. You can catch Samaria doing what she loves at the Calgary/Alberta show September 29th to October 1st!

After chatting with Samaria about her background, I realized this is one interesting woman…and she loves to dance! Once a professional belly dancer, she has danced all over Canada, the United States and the Middle East. As she explains it – “dancing is a beautiful way to get out your stress, your tension and just become almost your body. It’s a beautiful practice”. I couldn’t agree more, and in fact I suggest that when you don’t know what to do – just dance…naked if possible!

Now, that chakra dancing that Samaria teaches and performs is a bit special…as she explained – it’s a dance practice that uses guided and moving meditation. It uses sacred space and it goes through the chakras. I discuss chakras quite a bit in my book and in my seminars, but for those who want a bit more clarification, Samaria explains…

Chakra is from a very old East Indian philosophy (not religion) that is found around the world. Basically we are all made up of energy and we have many of these chakras in our body, some are minor, some major.  When most people talk about chakras, they talk about the seven main chakras that are in the main body. These chakras all correspond to different aspects of the mind, body and spirit. So, when one works on opening, balancing and aligning the chakras – they align the energy field which benefits your physical body.

For me, I know that when we get our chakras in alignment, our meridians flow through our body better, our mind quiets, our body and system function with more ease. What I love about dance is getting the lower chakras going by moving the hips in circular motions – this is especially true for belly dancing!

Samaria’s workshops can deal with all seven of chakras, or it can deal with one chakra in particular. This is done in a darkened room with eyes closed…listening to the music and listening to what she says during the dance portion…almost like a trance…it’s a journey, a turning aspect. Samaria takes you on a journey to heal yourself, and in this healing – heals your mind, body and soul. At the very end, there is a Mandela art section, where you take what happened during the experience of the workshop and put it down on paper into the sacred circle – which is what Mandela means. Watch Samaria’s video of it here.

Finally, Samaria explains – if any of you think you might be too shy or self-conscious for dance, or might get too caught up in ego and wanting to be better than the person next to you –  just remember that dance is a form of self-expression…you just move to the music…how YOU want to move. Dance is about finding freedom, finding beauty in your movement and your body, so it frees your soul and your spirit.

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