Enneagram – Making the Most of Your Personality!

/, Energy/Enneagram – Making the Most of Your Personality!

Enneagram – Making the Most of Your Personality!

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“Enneagram – Making the Most of Your Personality!”  – with special guests Phil Free & Michel Daleage

Today I had the opportunity to speak with Phil Free and his brother Michel Deleage. Phil and Michel are working together on the Enneagram, and how it’s given them the ability to give insight to friends and family about themselves and other people in their lives.

Phil Free first began using energy work to improve his life when he was affected by allergy symptoms in 1998. He has continued to apply energy techniques for everyday issues to facilitate improvement for himself, his family, friends and clients. He feels strongly that everyone can benefit from it too. Phil was born and raised in San Francisco to French parents. He grew up bilingual and received a Journeyman’s certificate from the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles in 2001. Phil has lived up and down the coast of California before settling in Tucson, Arizona in 2009 with his family.

Michel Deleage, who is Phil’s brother, also was born in San Francisco and raised by parents in France. He currently lives in Park City, Utah with his wife. Michael was also interested in Psychology. While living in San Diego, a friend introduced him to the Enneagram. He did further research into it and saw how insightful it was. It has given him a better understanding of himself and people in general.

Michel and Phil spoke a bit about what motivated them into learning more about the Enneagram. Michel explains that an article in Forbes, in conjunction with Gallop, showed that 71 percent of workers in the United States, and approximately 68-69 percent of workers in Canada, were actually not happy at their jobs. Specifically, the word they used the most to describe what they felt was disengaged. They just weren’t motivated by what they did every weekday. Michel went on to explain that this really made him wonder – are people actually in careers that harness their skill sets, in terms of how they process information and are making decisions?

At this point, I have to say – energetically speaking with the Enneagram, I love that that I’m getting to the point where I’m starting to be able to test what number is what person, and with just a basic understanding of it, I’ve been able to empower people to shift and start to recognize what their gifts are. Everybody has their own unique gifts! Anytime we have a better understanding of ourselves, it allows us to move forward in a strong way.


For more information on the Enneagram, check out www.TheEnneagramInstitute.com, also there’s a book called “The Wisdom of the Enneagram” by Don Richard Riso, that has some good information just to develop greater understanding.


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