“Crystal Clear Healing” – with special guest Michelle Eskdale Gruendel

//“Crystal Clear Healing” – with special guest Michelle Eskdale Gruendel

“Crystal Clear Healing” – with special guest Michelle Eskdale Gruendel

It is my pleasure to share life transforming information and provide you with an opportunity to delete energetic weaknesses to shift challenges into possibilities. Experience instant relief from using your intuition to solve life’s most challenging problems!

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with a very special guest, who has been on the show before – Michelle Eskdale Gruendel. Michelle is the founder of Moonlight Workers, is a Certified Intuitive Angel Card Reader, Certified Reader, and Reiki Master who empowers those she connects with to get on their spiritual path and learn about their intuitive gifts. She also teaches a series of courses around healing crystals, creation of crystal grids, and learning how to use crystals to balance your chakras. Today she will share the reasons, both scientific and spiritual, behind how Crystals can heal our body, our emotional state, and our spiritual side.

Michelle says, “being a logical person, it was important for me to understand and realize that crystals actually have a specific vibration, and that their vibration helps to being us into balance.”

With my own extensive crystal study, using a lot of crystal energy in my Tales from the Vector deck, I am very excited to talk with Michelle about her perspective on how crystals work. Michelle starts by explaining the reason she started her crystal journey is because she’s always been fascinated by crystals, and she found that the movement into intuitive work was often hampered by her logical side. So, it became extremely important for her to understand logically why crystals could work to heal. She began working with crystals, receiving her crystal certification with Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, learning the vibrations and the history-basically how many thousands of years we’ve been using crystals.

The basic concept is that we are meant to vibrate at 7.5 megahertz, the same as our Mother Earth. Crystals embody that 7.5 megahertz vibration and they can help restore portions of us to the vibration where we’re meant to be at. We get knocked out of alignment by life in general, whether it’s emotional, physical, environmental, and all the EMF that we’re around. Crystals works on specific parts of the body or the emotional body to bring it back into alignment.

Next, Michelle talks about specific crystals that can be used for specific things. She explains that amethyst is one of the most all-around kind of crystals, it can be used in a lot of different applications. Its main properties are assisting with prosperity, with protection, and with healing. Another one is rose quartz, its best quality is working for you on your self-love, and it has a tendency to make you open up your heart chakra and move through whatever might be getting stuck in there. Next, Michelle talks about rainbow fluorite as an absolutely fascinating crystal with fantastic healing ability. She also strongly recommends carnelian for people who any issues between the hip bones, feminine issues, lower back pains, or sciatic nerve pain. Citrine is great for personal power and abundance – not just money, for all good things. Black tourmaline is another very powerful stone, for Michelle it was the first one she could really feel when she first started working with crystals. She explains that it creates its own little walls, it creates a vibration that pushes away and repels negative energy. Lastly, Michelle talks about hematite. She has found it to be helpful with joint pains, and also as a psychic blocker. So besides protecting you from negative energy, it also can help cut ties or make a clean break with negative situations.


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For more information on Michelle Eskdale Gruendel and her work, check out www.MoonLightWorkers.ca

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