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The Truth is Funny……Shift Happens! With Host Colette Marie Stefan – Transformation Talk Radio – every Wednesday at 8 a.m. (PST)  “Attachment” – Dragon Art to Soothe Your Soul It is my pleasure to share life transforming information and provide you with an opportunity to delete energetic weaknesses to shift challenges into possibilities. Experience instant [...]

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What is Wrong With Me?

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Karen Campbell Betten By Karen Campbell Betten First off, my background is in medicine and in the last three or four years have been moved solely to, what most of us refer to as alternative medicine. What I noticed most within myself and in my children, as any symptom arises I start to [...]

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An Unexpected Awakening

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Recently, on The Truth is Funny, I interviewed fellow Life Sparks author Anita Stewart on her chapter titled "An Unexpected Awakening". In this episode, I find out more about Anita's story, how she learned about energy medicine and what her work entails now. The following is an excerpt from the Truth is Funny with my [...]

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NEW SHOW! Wednesday, October 16th @ 8am PT / 11am ET

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Experience the Divine Within with Ken Stone TUNE IN: www.TransformationTalkRadio.com (click on LISTEN NOW! for Live Streaming) Discover how simple and easy (and fun!) it is to have a visceral experience of the Divine within your body with internationally recognized spiritual teacher and healer Ken Stone. Ken - known as "The Soul Archaeologist" - will share how [...]

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NEW SHOW! Wednesday, July 31st @ 8am PT / 11am ET

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Calling All Moms!  Do you have any questions or concerns about your children? We Are Opening The Phone Lines: 800-930-2819…Tune in for LIVE energetic shifting with Yuen Method™ Practitioner & Mother of Miracle Twins; Laura Macdonald! TUNE IN: www.TransformationTalkRadio.com (click on LISTEN NOW! for Live Streaming) => Connect with Colette & Laura: 1-800-930-2819 <= The leading [...]