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How I Do What I Do, and Why I Do It

Colette Marie Stefan was raised in Canada, the second daughter of three, at a time when it was deemed safe to run and play outdoors and enjoy the distinct seasons Saskatchewan offers. As a young girl, growing up Colette was very sensitive and preferred the company of animals to people. She has shared her home with many pets: dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rodents, etc. By the age of thirteen, Colette was leading classes to show people how to train, groom and bring out the best in their dogs.

Colette enjoyed traveling through most of her twenties, exploring the wonders of the world and its diverse cultures, and working in the hotel and restaurant industry to earn her way. She settled down with her former husband and their two daughters in rural Saskatchewan where they ran a successful grain operation. It was a volatile time for the agricultural industry with many losing their family farms due in part to the political and economic climate.

She participated in organizing and working at numerous fundraising events that were held to improve the lifestyle of the community. Both of Colette’s daughters have competed at the national level in sports. Her eldest daughter, Mackenzie in figure skating and Taekwondo, and her youngest daughter Madison, in cheer-leading as a flyer. Colette’s hands on experience led to an understanding of what it takes to facilitate cutting edge performance for athletes, dancers, singers, actors, energy movers to delete the negative effects from peers, coaches, trainers and parents that lead to self-sabotage in and out of the chosen arena for sports, recreation and business.

Colette worked in the construction industry for some time, planning kitchens and building cabinets. She has renovated, landscaped and managed several residential and commercial properties. Her parents were entrepreneurs and instilled a love for creating and building a business.

Throughout the years, Colette has owned and managed several successful businesses. She sold “Bad to the Bone Dog Boutique” in November of 2008 while attending certification of the Yuen Method™ and since then has focused on following her heart’s path to share empowering information with others for more fun, less suffering and struggle and universal peace.

Colette has published her book, The Truth Is Funny …shift happens, several articles and her dragon artwork. She is an accomplished speaker, and provides others worldwide with an opportunity to experience instant relief through energetic shifting on her radio show, The Truth Is Funny…shift happens and live at seminars around the globe. She has been featured as a guest on several radio shows and tele-summits and is also available for private sessions via telephone or Skype.

Who I Am

Colette Marie Stefan
Colette Marie StefanAuthor, Radio Host, Life Coach
I have been physically free of pain for years and enjoy expressing new heights of creativity through art, dance, speaking and writing.

I enjoy traveling to new locations and working with amazing people doing what I LOVE!

It is my pleasure to share life transforming information with you!

It Is Way More Fun To Be Successful When You Share Your Success With Those Around You!.

My Education and Professional Experience

  • 2008 Master of Crystology (Karen Kuk-Nugle, Hands of Spirit)
  • 2008 Certified Yuen Method™ Practitioner (Grandmaster of Kung Fu, Dr. Kam Yuen)
  • 2009 Magnetize and Mesmerize Your Audience (Callan Rush and Justin Livingston, Leader to Luminary)
  • 2009 Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati (master of clearing karma)
  • 2009 -2013 Certified Yuen Method TM Instructor
  • 2010 Certified Yuen Method™ Instructor (Grandmaster of Kung Fu, Dr. Kam Yuen)
  • 2010 Ra-Sheeba Master (initiated by founder, Marilyn Bretherick)
  • 2010 Psychosomatic Body/Mind Practitioner (Carol Friesen, Core Potential)
  • 2011 Master of Psychosomatic Therapy (Hermann Muller, Australasian Institute of Body-Mind Analysis and Psychosomatic Therapy)
  • 2011 Matrix Energetics (Dr. Richard Bartlett)
  • 2011 Delegate/Emissary of Resonance Project Foundation (Nassim Haramein)
  • 2012 Teachers Certificate Psychosomatic Therapy (Hermann Muller, Australasian Institute of Body-Mind Analysis and Psychosomatic Therapy)
  • 2013 Yuen Method™ Mastery Practitioner/ Instructor (Grandmaster of Kung Fu, Dr. Kam Yuen)
  • 2010 -2013 Hosted Seminars and Demos for The Yuen Method
  • 2014 Co-Founded Energetic Upgrade Seminars with Marc Kettenbach
  • 2015 Author of book, The Truth Is Funny…shift happens, founded Adventures of an Activated Goddess and unleashed her paintings and the dragons in Tails From The Vector

Be a Tool, Not A Fool…

Why should you believe a word I say? The answer is… you shouldn’t! Use your intuitive skills to come to your own conclusions!

When I first began my journey into the world of energetic healing, I thought I was at a disadvantage because I had no training in anatomy, quantum physics or metaphysics. I found out that was just my thinking. In reality, I was fortunate not to have a formal education in any of these fields because I did not have to struggle with letting go of unreliable information.

You are unique so as a matter of course your journey will be very different from my own. However, I have learned a thing or two, having worked with the best mentors, colleagues, clients, students, demo and radio participants over the last decade. It has been a blessing for me and a gift I am so pleased to share with you.

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