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Project Description

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Edward Snowden is a former employee of the CIA and former contractor for the NSA. He came to international attention as the whistleblower that leaked thousands of classified documents outlining global surveillance programs run by the NSA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand with the cooperation of several European businesses and governments. Some of the leaked documents share tactics employed by the NSA that are calculated to destroy people’s reputations, influence the media, and manipulate the population. These tactics, the “Dirty D’s,” are responsible for much of the anxiety shared by the collective whole.
Big Brother/ Establishment. Corruption/ Injustice. Authority Figures. Conflict Situations. Media.

Infiltrating groups to cause conflict and dissension amongst the members to hinder them from accomplishing their goals is a common tactic that is used to divert individuals from common purpose. If you are involved in situations of conflict such as divorce, family feuds, affairs, legal affairs, business disputes, etc. or have yourself, created conflict for others and want to repair the damage, clip this card to documents, photos of people and businesses with an intention for purposeful communication leading to fair resolution.

 With Friends Like This, Who Needs Enemies?

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