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Call to Dance March 17-19 2017!


Life is like a goddess performing a veil dance. Every movement heightens awareness in anticipation of capturing a glimpse of the gem inside. Each veil is cast off in a beautiful cascade of color, unraveling the next layer to reveal the treasure within. As each colorful veil gently floats to the ground, we are reminded [...]

It is Time for Spring Cleaning!


Tele-Shifting Calls are approximately ninety minutes long and will be recorded for your convenience and listening pleasure. It is not necessary to be on the actual call as the energetic shifts will take place through H.S.N. (Higher Self Network) in real time and will be reinforced when listening to the call later.   Each call [...]

Relationship Rescue Seminar 2015 in Vancouver BC Kanada and Karlsruhe Germany


  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-Iwkak63nA There are few things as exciting as a new relationship! But eventually the excitement wears off, the honeymoon is over and the work begins. This is true of every relationship, whether it be with our lover, our career or even our children.

3-5th March 2016 VANCOUVER BC/ CANADA


A WEEKEND THAT CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING! The Topic Of The Seminar: WITH PAIN NO GAIN- Financial Pains - Physical Pains - Spiritual Pains (Loss of a loved one, divorces or breakups, karmic entanglements on the spiritual level)Register today to participate in the Energetic Upgrade Seminar 2016 in Vancouver B.C./ Canada Sign up available soon! [...]

March 18-20, 2016! KARLSRUHE, GERMANY


"SCHMERZBEFREIT DURCHS LEBEN" EIN WOCHENENDE, DAS ALLES VERÄNDERN KANN! Thema des Seminars: "Schmerzbefreit durchs Leben" - Finanzielle Schmerzen - Körperliche Schmerzen - Seelische Schmerzen (Verlust eines geliebten Menschen, Trennungen, Karmische Verstrickungen auf seelischer Ebene)