12 Month Float Your Boat Tele-Shifting!

//12 Month Float Your Boat Tele-Shifting!

12 Month Float Your Boat Tele-Shifting!

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Open 24/7!
We Have Paddles!

Row Your Boat Gently Down The Stream Of Your Dreams

Tele-Shifting Calls are approximately ninety minutes long and will be recorded for your convenience and listening pleasure. The energetic shifts take place through H.S.N. (Higher Self Network) in real time and are reinforced when listening to the call later.

The Tele-Shifting Calls are capped at fifty participants. Each participant is invited to submit one issue or goal pertaining to the topic of the day. Colette will address issues around the general topic and will specifically address the issues of the first twenty-four people (using only initials, to ensure privacy) who sign up for the call.
The synergy of the group will be boosted to empower each other to let go of old, limiting patterns to create new life-changing strategies that benefit you, family, friends and your community. As the blocks are released you will become strong to attracting, experiencing and living what you desire.

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily…
Anticipate the Best, Shift The Rest!


Freedom Is A Balancing Act!

When The Aspects Are In Balance, Relationships, Finances, Health, Fitness, Career, Family, Friends and Community Will Merrily Follow.

There are twelve main aspects to life that people are here on earth to experience. You can consider each aspect of life as if they are twelve people on a boat traveling on rough waters. Even when the majority of the people on the boat are rowing at full potential, the minority, whose performance is weak or non-existent, eventually will de-stabilize the craft and everyone on it will be at the mercy of the rapids.

Many people equate success with financial earning potential, social position, education, etc. while ignoring the finer aspects of life that are often hidden or perceived as “less important” amongst the many “false obligations” imposed by cultures and society.

Throughout any given lifetime it is normal to have ups and downs in different aspects of your life and it is highly unlikely that every aspect is in perfect balance twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. However, when the aspects of life are generally in balance you are more likely to enjoy the freedom to” have it all!”
When people hyper-focus on doing what is expected of them rather than taking consistent steps of action towards goals inspired by their heart it leads to major life imbalances. For example, focusing on accumulating wealth often has a hefty price tag at the expense of relationships with loved ones or on the flip side of the coin, concerns of lack of money can take a toll on health, youthfulness and fitness
Most people are familiar with the zodiac as an amusing subject for conversation at social events and have probably been subjected to the universal, ineffective pick up line “What’s your sign?” at one time or another. However, the aspects of the zodiac can be taken to a much higher level when viewed from the perspective of pure information. An understanding of astrological influences and personality traits determined by planetary positions at the time of birth and during major life events can provide valuable insights on an individual basis and at a global level.
Row Your Boat Gently Down The Stream! … We Have Paddles (and other tools) to successfully navigate uncharted waters!
You can create balance and ease in every area of your life by centering yourself and noticing which aspects you are over-or-under estimating and allow for recalibration to even out the weight.
This series of teleconferences is designed to enhance inner-knowing of ancient astrological principals, using the group synergy to inspire creative solutions and unveil the energetic blocks that are holding you back from living a balanced, authentic life that speaks to your heart.

Each sign is represented by a symbol that gives valuable clues as to the nature, personality tendencies and physical issues typical to individuals born under a particular sun sign and on a universal scale, the issues we typically face as we gain momentum with each rotation of the earth around the sun.
We will begin with the infant of the zodiac Aries, on March 16. 2017 and gain momentum on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM PT to shift underlying weaknesses, both physical and non-physical, before moving into the cusp of the next sign. Join us each month or as often as you wish.

T.G.I. F. (Thank God I’m Free)

This IS “The Ticket”

Invest In Yourself For Twelve Months And Receive Two Tele-Shifting Conferences For FREE!

$399.99 (plus 5% GST)

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