JANUARY 18, 2018 7:00 PM PT

//JANUARY 18, 2018 7:00 PM PT

JANUARY 18, 2018 7:00 PM PT


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*photo theme…. Romantic Valentines day

Aquarius (I Know)

Aquarius is the most observant of all the signs in the zodiac, ruled by the planet Saturn and Uranus, encouraging creative solutions and revolutionary intellect that are in alignment with the advancement of social and humanitarian ideals. People are often confused by the symbol for Aquarius, the water bearer, because the sign is most influenced by the element of air yet kneels down to pour water from a vessel. Water is normally associated with the emotional signs of the zodiac, but in this case we can consider it to be information poured from the fountain of knowledge.


The number one challenge for this aspect is to step out of our comfort zone and become as neutral as possible as we navigate the ups and downs of life, suspending judgment, criticism or urgency because time does not exist in that moment and we are able to perceive different choices without fear.

When people become neutral, others may perceive it as indifference because many people talk about “thinking and being positive.” They don’t realize that when they become neutral they are less likely to attract outcomes that do not appeal to them and more likely to make better choices to attract what they do want.

Many things in life can be perceived as negative. When you become neutral to any given problem rather than attempt to convince yourself that a negative is a positive, you are much more open to creative solutions. If you are neutral, you are better able to handle external forces, reduce re-actions to the words and actions of others, and clear deep programming that is limiting your ability to change with ease.

People born in this sign have a tendency to attract physical weaknesses involving the ankles, saline of the blood and white corpuscles. We will strengthen these body parts to purposeful communication with each other, the CNS and the mind.

We will also clear hidden weaknesses arising from stored memories and fears caused by negative experiences happening between January 20 and February 18 including accidents, illnesses, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, romantic issues that arise from the second most stressful holiday of the year, “Single’s Awareness Day” (better known as Valentine’s Day).

On this call we will set an intention to observe the global picture, travel to new places to connect with other cultures and life-styles and fearlessly explore what life has to offer to benefit our selves and others.



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