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Call in to make shift happen on Wednesdays 8am Pacific 1-800-930-2819. The Truth is Funny is an entertaining vehicle for providing energetic shifts and sharing information gathered from my life experiences and the experiences of others that have dared to think out of the box and step into their infinite potential.

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If you prefer the status quo and you are not interested in improving every aspect of your life…

 This book will trigger the shift out of you!

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LifeSPARKS, Edition #1
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Co-Author Colette Marie Stefan
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The Truth is Funny…Shift Happens A Few Past Episodes

Many people struggle everyday with focusing their energy, gaining clarity, and living in a state of peace. Who wants to do that? We sure don’t. Colette Marie Stefan makes shift happen on her radio show every Wednesday. Call in to a show and make shift happen for you or someone you love. 800-930-2819. Below are some past episodes with incredible guests. Collaboration is a beautiful thing.

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  • learning-purpose-positive

Living and Learning Your Purpose in a Positive Existence

September 26th, 2018|Comments Off on Living and Learning Your Purpose in a Positive Existence

Discussed in an interview on The Truth is Funny….Shift Happens! With Host Colette Marie Stefan: Living and Learning Your Purpose in a Positive Existence with Marianna Harangozo Who is Marianna Harangozo? Colette:  My guest today [...]

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Working with Colette Marie Stefan, attending one her amazing seminars, reading the book, or listening to her radio show: You will be sure to trigger a shift in some aspect of your life.

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The Truth is Funny Book™

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Shift happens every Wednesday morning at 8:00 AM PT live on the airwaves and in the archives at The Truth Is Funny.com and Transformation Talk Radio.com. The energetic shifts are still accessible through the H.S.N. (Higher Self Network) if you are listening later in the archives!

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Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Dreading Another Sleepless Night? Wrestling With Worries?

You are not alone!

The majority of humans throughout history, have failed to rise to their infinite potential because they “worry away” their own power.

From childhood on, many people accumulate self-limiting beliefs as they are indoctrinated into a lifestyle of “how they are supposed to be” through mainstream educational and religious systems, parenting, cultures and other influences as young children. These limiting beliefs originate from personal experiences as well as from concerns associated with ancestors’ experiences, projections into the future from descendants, and even potential descendants.

Ways to Conquer Fear
Ways to Change
Positive Thoughts

The Number One Weakness For Any Child
Is A Mother’s Worry! Yet…

Mothers are taught and encouraged to worry about their children as a badge of honor, instead of honoring their intuition to create a better future for every child.

Every single thought you have has the potential to strengthen or weaken you and your children…

If You Cannot See A Strong Future
For You And Your Children, 

Who Will?

What People Are Saying…

Thank you for your kindness, wisdom, and compassion.

“Hello Colette, Thank you for the wonderful, insightful session that I had with you a couple weeks ago. It really moved me forward and boosted my respect for myself. Thank you for your kindness, wisdom, and compassion. I admire you greatly. Warm regards” Marie Holmes, Paris

“Hi Colette, I wanted to say thank you for the amazing work you do.
I love the Telespa! My body whole body looks and feels slimmer. It looks like I workout but all i have been doing is putting tension in my body. Thank you”
Tracy, Vancouver
“Colette, Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything that you shared with us on Friday night in Penticton. I’ve never been to such an inspiring, uplifting get-together, ever! You are soooo funny as well. Love your sense of humor with life’s issues.”
Kerry, Penticton

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