Deborah-Warren-OCSETIAn interview; Extra-Terrestrials Want to Meet You! with Deborah Warren of ET Contact Okangan Shuswap, (Okanagan Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence).

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About Deborah:

Deborah Warren participated in CSETI (Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) contact events in Vancouver, British Columbia beginning in 1999.  CSETI is an organization interested in developing the ET-Human relationship and in the peaceful furtherance of this relationship.  Deborah began CSETI training with founder, Dr. Steven Greer in 2007.  To date, Deborah has shared this information with over 500 people in Canada and successfully guided over 300 people on their first skywatch.  She currently teaches college level computer science classes in Canada.  

Win an online Skype meditation facilitated by Deborah inviting the ET’s to come in and interact with you!

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