A lot of what bounds us is fear of the unknown, fear of what’s happening, fear of not being in control. I feel a call to open everybody to the possibility of expanding their own life in the presence of the environment that we’re being faced with. Meaning, the experience and the uncomfortable sensations that are arising as an opportunity to think even deeper into all that you know. And the idea that how your external environment shows up as a source of value and strength is an illusion and the reality of that comes from within. And we can’t get from our external environment what we don’t give ourselves; it’s the law of the universe. You cannot attract to you that which you do not already possess.

So it feeds into the illusion that we are separate. This idea with, goodness, with the Adam and Eve and with every other religious tenant and dogma, that we’ve been fed since we were kids, says that we are separate and we need something else to be whole. Therefore, we start to take on labels right? Mother, sister, friend, brother, student, and then we alter our behavior and our natural inclinations to adhere to those subscribed roles. We then start the whole mind thing of judging our worth and our value based on how well we perceive ourselves. Not that there’s any value to it… And so if we let that just let it sink in, let the vibration of the words absorb through your cells, atoms, and molecules and see what roles come up that might be available to you to experience the possibility of letting it go. The tenants that you must adhere to, to be a good mother, what would it be like to loosen them a little bit? And to allow the space that you are actually in to just be what it is.