The following is an excerpt from The Truth is Funny…Shift Happens! Unwrapping Your Intuitive Gifts with guest Michelle Eskdale. I this episode, we discuss with Michelle how she got into energy work with crystals and now dedicated to helping others unearth their own underlying intuitive gifts within. Read the conversation below:

Colette: You are trained in crystals, tell us about that.

Michelle Eskdale_Guest

Michelle Eskdale

Michelle: We all have an attraction to shiny things; we got this natural Raven and crow energy around us that we are always attracted to shiny things especially with crystals. And because I’m also a Virgo and very logical I thought it would be best to start working in a friend’s metaphysics and gems shop at the Crossroads Market in Calgary. And I felt I needed to be able to help people understand how the crystals can actually bring their bodies back into resonance. And resonance is healing, so not only are they beautiful and shiny and everybody wants them, you’re actually being intuitively drawn to work with crystal energy.

Colette: It’s funny isn’t it? Because the crystals actually choose us, you know like when you walk into a place that’s full of crystals and there’ll be one that stands out and it starts talking to you?  You’re going to want to take it home with you.

Michelle: Exactly yeah, but I am finally working enough with energy to get to the point where I don’t have to buy the big, crazy, large expensive ones because size with crystals doesn’t matter other than aesthetics .

Colette: Yeah, some bigger crystals are absolutely gorgeous. Do you find that with the crystals, if you’re doing energy work, they can soften the energy?

Michelle: Oh absolutely or amplify as necessary. I think that when you ask the crystal to do a specific job we may not know what the client needs but the crystal seems to know just the right energy, just the right temperance to fully assist the person that they’re working for. And I was always questing for what was that one thing that would make me feel like I was truly on my path. I had the privilege of being at an international angel day here in Calgary and I heard Cindy Smith and Jayden Stirling speak and we did a guided meditation. I was one of those who say, “I can’t meditate,” and somehow the message came through to me loud and clear that this is what I am meant to do.

Colette: It’s like that aha moment. I would like to know what did that feel like for you?

Michelle: It was so earth shifting. It really was. I find a lot of people later in their life, especially their 40s, start looking for that thing that makes them happy. And this was it for me, it was just absolutely monumental and the universe and my team everything’s conspired to start giving me opportunities. When I took my training as an angel empowerment practitioner, that’s when I realized that I was in my own way. I had to learn to really trust all the intuitive information that was flowing to me and learn to differentiate from when your ego might be talking you out of things or when your logic is getting in the way of what actually feels right to do. So shifting everything around to move into a state of financial comfort, just to the point where I wasn’t worrying about money and able to focus on my passion on helping others reveal the gifts they already have inside them.

Colette: Thanks for sharing Michelle and joining me on today’s show. How can people find you?

Michelle:  So I am available on Facebook under the page Moon Light Workers. In addition I’ve got my website I am also on Twitter and Instagram. My website is the best place to get class information, learn a little bit more about me and why I’m so passionate about what I do. And if you have any questions you can email me directly to

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