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“Deception” – Dragon Art to Soothe Your Soul

It is my pleasure to share life transforming information and provide you with an opportunity to delete energetic weaknesses to shift challenges into possibilities. Experience instant relief from using your intuition to solve life’s most challenging problems!

Today’s show starts by talking about when I took my master of Crystology. During that time, I realized that once you’ve handled a crystal and fell to crystals energy, it becomes very easy for you to take that energy once you’ve experienced it, and use it. Quite often I will use the energy of crystals when I’m working energetically with someone – particularly when using something like rose quartz, which helps to soften the energetic shifts.

I have dedicated the last eleven years to truly working with energy, learning how to do it better, learning how to share information so that other people understand, because moving through life right now on this planet – it’s quite challenging for many people.

The card I’m going to discuss and work with today is Deception. The origin of the card comes from one of my Ayahuasca ceremonies, and it is a tactics card. There are certain tactics that we use on each other in everyday life, also that the government and authority figures use on us, which becomes deceptive in a cumulative way. Deception is an act or state intended to dupe, cheat and deceive people into believing something untrue. One of the biggest deceptions of our time is that our sexuality and sensuality are dirty things, and that there’s a way between men and women.

Also brought up is the card for intentions. The intentions is a karmic space, this card is about having good intentions, and the road to hell leading to good intentions. A good example of this is the yin-yang symbol. In this symbol, the yin energy is the black and the yang energy is the white. The yin is the feminine energy, and it’s more chaotic. aThe energy from the yin can be meant to create, to stir things up. Whereas the yang energy is more linear, more about looking into the future, taking consistent steps of action towards the goals. When you merge the masculine and the feminine qualities together, what you get is a more balanced person.


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