“Disruption” – Dragon Readings to Soothe Your Soul

//“Disruption” – Dragon Readings to Soothe Your Soul

“Disruption” – Dragon Readings to Soothe Your Soul

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“Disruption” – Dragon Readings to Soothe Your Soul


It is my pleasure to share life transforming information and provide you with an opportunity to delete energetic weaknesses to shift challenges into possibilities. Experience instant relief from using your intuition to solve life’s most challenging problems!

Today’s show is about handling stress and chaos, and learning to relax and enjoy this hectic time of the year. The card pulled for today is Disruption. Disruption is a common tactic that is used to purposely prevent a systems process or event proceed as usual, by creating a disturbance.

Many people who indulge in the fantasy of the holiday season underestimate the degree to which they are diverted from their goals, because creating the magic of Christmas while you’re pursuing career goals and raising brilliant children and looking great while doing it is really hard work!

Also, as we just had a Gemini full moon and Mercury went into retrograde, and as so often happens, communications and technology break down, as well as people traveling. The important thing to do in this time is to get to a place where we’re communicating at a high level and recognizing that when we get together with family, it can be very charged and changed. It’s important to remember as well, that at this time of year – all around the world, everybody is trying to get somewhere on the same few days. So, take some time and reflect and really gather yourself.

One of the ways I handle the holidays is to get into my creative flow. I allow myself to be in the flow, allowing the energy to flow through, being in a place where you can get creative solutions that you pull from inside you. Regarding strength, what you want to do is put some energy into your spine, because if you consider yourself to be like a binary computer, binary means that you have one of two choices. In this case, the choice is either you are energetically in alignment or you are out of alignment. We are always connected to source energy, we always have the ability to connect to source and to strengthen it. Through your source energy, you will be able to connect on some level with all of your loved ones, whether they’re close on this place or on another one.


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