Release Subconscious Programming with the Heart Wisdom Process

//Release Subconscious Programming with the Heart Wisdom Process

Release Subconscious Programming with the Heart Wisdom Process

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“Release Subconscious Programming with the Heart Wisdom Process” – with special guest Paul Wong


It is my pleasure to share life transforming information and provide you with an opportunity to delete energetic weaknesses to shift challenges into possibilities. Experience instant relief from using your intuition to solve life’s most challenging problems!

Today my special guest is Paul Wong, author of “Heart Wisdom Process: understanding and healing the subconscious”. Paul is an international speaker, instructor and healer focused on Eastern energetics and wisdom, for deep personal transformations. His chronic asthma led him on a journey of learning Chinese healing arts and spending time is the ashrams of spiritual masters of India. Paul integrates his life experiences and ancient healing principles to teach others to process unconscious suffering through the heart, and transforming it into insight and love. Today, Paul and I will explore how the Heart Wisdom Process works – by working through layers of the subconscious, similar to peeling layers of an onion. A simple self-inquiry and self-healing process is used to ask simple questions and connect directly to the heart, to process and release subconscious conditioning and programming. When the subconscious comes to the surface and gets processed, healing then occur and insights are gained!

The conversation starts with Paul explaining what he’s currently doing in India. He explains he’s been staying in Tiruvannamalai, where travelers come from all over the world to visit for meditations and self-realization. He says that many people seeking enlightenment come there to get on their path. He believes it’s one of the power centers of the world – with an ancient mountain Arunachala, that is known to be older than the 60 million years old Himalayas!

Next, Paul talks more about the Heart Wisdom Process. He explains that it starts by going through what he calls the layers of the onion, and as you go through the layers – you’ll start to notice shifts and releases. In his book, Paul calls this The Nine Types of Suffering, and they are based on traditions of Chinese Medicine. The top five layers are: sadness, anger, grief, fear and worry. Then, the next layers are related to not trusting, not being in control, not feeling safe and not feeling love.

The next step is to start processing – start releasing. Processing is when you are actually going from where you physically holding the tension into what is called the spiritual heart. The spiritual heart holds the energies that never got released, so, sitting on subconscious, coming up the surface to be released and processed.

Paul goes on to explain that when a person starts to clear, different layers can come up – deep layers that you never were conscious of. It’s like we are opening doors to the subconscious and it may arise and bring up different triggers, that’s just the nature of the journey of life.


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