Reinforcing Your Wellness, Vitality and Resilience

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Reinforcing Your Wellness, Vitality and Resilience



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If you have cancer or if there is someone else you love that does, focus all of your positive energy on yourself or this other person.  The other thing you can do when we have something serious going on is ask “what is happening with our self-talk?”.  In the last radio show we did, LeRoy Malouf talked about six ways to keep reinforcing your self-wellness, vitality, and resilience.  We spoke about the first three ways in that show, so I want to talk about the last three.

The fourth way to reinforcing these things is to use the word “Shazam.”  It is used in different ways by different companies, but the way I’m thinking of it is how it was developed my Marvel Comics. They actually have a powerful word to go with each letter in Shazam.  And so, the word has a magical quality as if something happens or is happening. So, when you are thinking about wellness and you say Shazam in contrast to “I’m not feeling so hot”, then it helps shift the self-talk.

The fifth thing in this list is “expressing gratitude”.  When we ask for something, the assumption is that we don’t have it, if I were to ask, “would you give me a dollar?”, and you do, I say “thank you”.  But if I say, again, “will you give me a dollar?”, it’s confusing because you say, “I already did”.  When we continually ask for something, it’s assuming we don’t have it.  So, we need to give thanks for wellness and vitality.

The sixth thing is “unconditional love”.  I often ask people can you think of times in your life when you experienced unconditional love.  For example, one frequent response is with a pet, like a dog, and I say, “what did you experience with the dog?”.  The answer is usually total acceptance, support, and commitment.  When you have something that is troubling you, you focus on it and then feel unconditional love for yourself, your body, your response, and your thoughts, This also helps shift your thinking in a way that brings about wellness, and vitality, and resilience.


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