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“Energizer” – What Do the Dragon Cards Say About 2018 For You?



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I am hearing from many people right now that they are feeling tired, exhausted, flu-ish, etc. This is very common at this of time of the year. It’s like the party is over and then we must take stock. If you notice, many of us are besides taking stock of our own lives and taking steps to get ready for the new year and moving forward in a strong way.

The card I pulled for today is “Energizer”. This is what it’s like for a lot of people right now. I’m having several sessions with people from all around the world that have a lot of concerns around their careers, their offices, and changes in the systems. They’re finding this very stressful. I just want to do a correction for that shift for everyone. The Flu typically comes in this time of the year. I know for a lot of people it is contagious and we do know that the Flu is contagious. Having said that, anytime we have an issue with our body when it’s in the sinuses and the upper chest, that comes along with the flu. The nausea relates to the gut, the gut relates the to the central nervous system, so we want to strengthen that.

I want to strengthen that for all of you, so if you’re having those moments that a lot of people are having right now, where it seems like it’s too much, we’re just going to strengthen this for everybody. We will strengthen that you can break it down into small pieces and start to notice which aspects of life you’re leaning heavier on that eventually you’re going to append your craft. You can shift this and have a nice, smooth ride on the wave of infinite potential.

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