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Are Your Genes a Perfect Fit for the Divine Within? Special guest Charan Surdhar


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Charan is an epigeneticist. She knows that each one of you has the love inside your DNA. We are here on this show to unravel that for you. Charan’s background is a scientist and she used to work with DNA.

DNA does change and you’re not saddled with what you were born with necessarily. Charan had the Epiphany where she realized that we have control of how the DNA is expressed. And what does that mean? That means that each of the DNA is made up of letters and it’s a sentence. So what we feel can be a sentence in inverted commas that we’re going to get some sort of disease or something is going to  happen or in this case when we’re talking about love is that some relationships are not showing up. You know things aren’t showing up the way we’d like. It’s because there’s written quote of a sentence.

It’s as if people assume that once they have a particular DNA from their parents and things are happening the way they are and if they’ve got anxiety, if they’ve got depression, or maybe the traits of not feeling like they can love themselves, not feeling self-confidence or having good self-esteem can be because there is some sort of sentence that you feel that you’re a victim to in the DNA. That is actually not a sentence for us.  It’s as if we don’t have to have that because the whole gene, the DNA can be read in a completely different way. So for instance, if one gene read “you are going to have low self-esteem”. When you can tune into that love that’s already inside you- and what is that?- that’s the divine within all of us. Once we tune into that and resonate with that, what happens is that sentence becomes – “I am self-love”.

And there’s something else to add on that. A lot of people will say “well, I can’t feel self-love, I don’t know how to even get to that”. This is because they’re in a complete opposite 180-degree place of feeling desperation. And so the way to pave the way to get to self-love is to actually begin to acknowledge where you’re at to acknowledge the anguish; to acknowledge the desperation; to acknowledge the frustration, the sadness all of it because the minute you start to judge yourself, it’s basically putting you on a hamster wheel. You keep going running around into that feeling, but the minute you don’t judge and you let yourself feel what you feel- guess what- straight away within a few minutes things start to unravel and that’s where self-love begins to show up. Because acknowledging where you’re at is self-love.

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