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Understand How Emotional Upset Affects Physical and Psychological Wellness with John Theobald, BSc


It is my pleasure to share life transforming information and provide you with an opportunity to delete energetic weaknesses to shift challenges into possibilities. Experience instant relief from using your intuition to solve life’s most challenging problems!


The impact of emotional trauma on the subconscious mind can trigger both psychological and physical changes in an individual and these changes have purpose. They are not our natural healing. Response is designed to deal with the impact of the trauma and understanding this will empower you. John Theobald has received his bachelor’s degree from York University in Toronto and then for a decade John sold scientific and medical equipment in Western Canada, providing him with the insights into the modern medical paradigm and the value of retaining homeostasis rather than recovering from lack of health. In 2006 John discovered the work of Dr. Reich Gird Harmer. He has dedicated his energy towards studying this paradigm shifting research and he now shares this powerful information with others.

As mentioned earlier, John spent a good amount of time selling into the scientific and medical community. At one point he was actually selling radioactive pharmaceuticals for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer which was a very interesting experience for him. John accidentally walked into a lecture by a woman from Austria who had moved to Vancouver. She had studied with Dr. Harmer and the lecture that she gave was just an evening introductory lecture. It blew his mind. It was like being struck with a bolt of lightning. The presentation made a lot of sense and clarified a tremendous amount of misinformation and confusion in his mind in trying to sort out the allopathic medical model and the alternative health model as there’s tremendous intentional and unintentional misinformation in those worlds. So at that point he was inspired to really deeply learn it.

John has been on this path now since 2006 so he deeply ingested Dr. Harmer’s work and he has seen it verified time and time again in talking with people who have cancer and other issues that Harmer characterizes as heart disease, diabetes, and psychological disorders as well in terms of emotional trauma. The point that John came to in studies with this work is that cancer is the body’s emergency response to an emotional trauma. John characterizes an emotional trauma as an assault against the psyche, against the body in the same way as you might experience a physical trauma. You falling out of a tree and breaking your arm- they’re both the same. They’re both responses of the body to something that has hurt you. So, cancer is an essential biological response to dealing with an assault and emotional assault on your body and they’re even.


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