The Dragon Cards are Speaking

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The Dragon Cards are Speaking

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What I like to do is pick a card for the day and I do have a new dragonfly. Dragonflies are very intimately connected to the energy of dragons. The dragonflies are my crystal rays in the deck. They are the ones that are very bright and their whole body are rocky crystals and there are crystal rays of light. They like to share information and brighten people’s day. The dragonfly that I just finished that will be available very soon here is called ‘balance’. That is the card that I was featuring today, but once again it was a gloomy day this morning. We had such a beautiful sunny day and everybody was cheerful and in a good mood and now it’s really dreary out and it’s raining hard and a lot of people are experiencing bad emotion and I’m getting that. It’s not uncommon for the weather to sometimes reflect a large group of people’s mood. I’m just getting that there’s some energy coming in at this time of year from the Ides of March. Now I don’t even really know what that means the Ides of March is coming up this week. There’s a lot of ancestral sadness coming up. WE are just going to strengthen that for everybody.


I’m just going to talk a little bit about the card dissemination because that’s the one that also came up and that’s the card where it’s like when you’re believing your own press and when the gift of gab is used via the media advertising public announcements, speeches, to persuade or influence people in one-way communication with no clarification. Quite often, the elite have purchased media’s banks, corporations, politicians, education, and licensing systems to convince the public that it is possible to have free choice in this system. People often accept or reject claims because they are triggered by an emotional reaction. Strong choices are born from creative solutions and implemented through purposeful communication leaving us to ask – “Is the purpose of this communication to solve problems or to justify them?”

Basically, what’s coming up here is that this card is representing the false information that people sometimes share with each other and you’ll see it on the internet, you’ll see it on in social media, and all around so we want to strengthen everybody to all the information that’s out there. Information is just that- it’s information. What happens is, if there is fear involved with it, a lot of people get triggered and it makes the problem bigger. One of the biggest ways, if people are wanting to make a problem bigger, is to complain about it. Put your energy into that and generally you know you’ll get a result pretty quickly. We can always look at the bright side or we can look at the dark side. We wouldn’t have a bright side if there wasn’t a dark side and we wouldn’t have a dark side if there wasn’t a bright side. If we complain about it or if we really step into the fear, we tend to attract more of that. We want to strengthen that by having a little bit of balance in all this.



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