Explained in an interview on The Truth is Funny….Shift Happens! With Host Collette Marie Stefan: Debby Goodwin and “The Cup of Life,” Cleanse, Realign, and Strengthen Your Light Body with Liquid Plasma

The concept of Cellular Memory Release….

Colette: In hopes of getting my audience more familiar with your work, can you enlighten us more in regards to what exactly Cellular Memory Release is?

Debby: Of course. In every cell we carry memories of all our experiences, even past experiences that come through to our DNA through our ancestral line. As you start releasing that, you start remembering who you are and get an inner glimpse of your soul.

Further Insights:

Our subconscious mind is bestowed upon us by parents, teachers, and culture.

Our subconscious mind is formed by age 7.

The Cup of Life….

Colette: One of your cleansing methods revolves around your signature product called The Cup of Life, can you explain what this is?

Debby: The Cup of Life is a double layered plastic cup with my special plasma formula in between the layers.  The ingredients I include are the elements that we are created from and drawing it into the fourth state of matter.

Plasma is in a gas state of matter, so it will always seek balance and harmony.

I also used other elements of the earth such as zinc, copper, and a salt solution which all add up to create The Cup of Life.

Colette: So, to give our listeners a better idea of who you are, how do you implement The Cup of Life into your everyday life?

Debby: I use it mostly on my grandkids because I feel it’s important to have that impression on young kids, and to help keep their energy fields open.

The Cup of Life is constantly reading your field and always interacting with you.

Colette: Debby, you mentioned the role of elements and what effects they have on the body, would you like to go deeper into that for us?

Debby: Sure, so if you look at the Sun and the Earth as their own beings that are emitting fields, they’re actually interacting and creating nitrogen in the upper atmosphere.  As that drifts down into the lower atmosphere, then you’ll get more splits and divisions.  When they break it down even further and you can choose one word for each, oxygen would be        gravitational, nitrogen is the creator, carbon is the communicator/connector, and hydrogen allows for energy transfer.

In the electromagnetic field we can only see about 4% of our potential.

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