Discussed in an interview on The Truth is Funny….Shift Happens! With Host Colette Marie Stefan: Mountain Spirit Festival – Elevate Your SELF with Spiritual Entrepreneur Elizabeth Beeds

The Mountain Spirit Festival….

Colette:  Can you explain to our listeners a bit about the upcoming Mountain Spirit Festival?

Elizabeth:  Of course!  The Mountain Spirit Festival is an incredible event at Sun Peaks resort in British Columbia happening June 22nd-24th.

It is a transformational weekend full of wellness, spirituality, yoga and all the shifts that you need to get the transformation that you’ve been looking for in your life.

Colette:  Sounds amazing!  Now, I have to ask, what is the power of going to a live event as opposed to doing an online event?

Elizabeth:  While online sessions serve a purpose, there’s nothing like the connection and transformation you can experience at a live event full of loving and likeminded people.


Feeding off the energy of others can really be an inspiring thing, and certainly not something you can really absorb from an online class.


Colette:  For listeners out there maybe thinking about buying a ticket, can you describe in further detail what goes on at The Mountain Spirit Festival?

Elizabeth: So glad you asked! This event has dozens of different types workshops for you to choose from in intuition, spirituality, women’s health, relationships, spiritual awareness, yoga, self-awakening, and so much more!

This event draws some of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever connected with, and I think everyone deserves to experience this at least once!

One of my favorite parts of this event is the Mountaintop Yoga, where we ride a chairlift up to the top of the mountain and nourish our souls with yoga and meditation while sitting on top of the world. It’s incredible!


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