Discussed in an interview on The Truth is Funny….Shift Happens! With Host Colette Marie Stefan: The Universe is Knocking with Mollie Sommer

Who is Mollie Sommer?

Colette:  Today I am pleased to be joined by Mollie Sommer, owner of Mollie Sommer wellness and Kamloops British Columbia in Canada. She’s learned to let go and embrace her faith and has opened her heart and mind to a new way of life and he has become a heart centered entrepreneur.  Mollie, welcome!  Could you explain a bit about who you are, and why it is you do what you do?

Mollie:  Thanks so much Colette, so wonderful to be here!  So, I have been on this journey for a while. I remember coaching my mom when I was a little kid and trying to teach her to let go. And so

it’s just something I’ve always done, I’ve always encouraged my friends to reach for their dreams and encourage them to go after what was in their heart not what their mind was telling them.

It’s really been a journey to get to my true self and express and to step into that because it’s really scary.

Colette:  So you know from your experience what do you feel, where are you now with this journey?

Mollie:  I am in such an incredible peaceful place right now and I’ve never experienced that before.

I have always lived in fear and worry and always looking to the next, the next hill trying to see what’s on top of it or beyond it and this journey has really brought me to a place of peace where I know I’m on the right path.

Even though it’s bumpy and it’s up and down like everything I trust it, and that is an incredibly amazing feeling to be able to have.

Colette:  So beautiful! So what was your defining moment you felt an undeniable shift?

Mollie:  The shift that changed everything for me was two Falls ago – 2016, I had come to a place where I had nowhere else to go. I had exhausted all my known possibilities. I was struggling in my job, I was struggling physically I was struggling with my relationship and was having a really tough time.  I broke down on my hands and knees and I begged for help. I said I surrender and that I can no longer live my life this way. The next day help was brought to me, and it was an undeniably bigger source that brought it to me, like the things that had to fall into place in order for me to move into it was just astounding. It really opened my eyes to the bigger picture. It was so powerful!

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