Discussed in an interview on The Truth is Funny….Shift Happens! With Host Colette Marie Stefan, with Guest Caleb Matthews, an empowering spiritual insurgent.

 Colette:  Joining us today is Caleb Matthews, a spiritual insurgent who will empower you to unravel the mysteries you are seeking.  Caleb, could you tell the audience more about yourself?

Caleb:  Of course Colette! You see, I became a dreamer at the very young age at six years old, having vivid dreams and experiences in the night season.  I was homeschooled and lucky enough to have been introduced to certain alternative curriculums, and one that I grew particularly passionate about was understanding dreams and treasuring how our higher power God speaks to us in the night season.

A Spiritual Insurgent

Colette:  So one of the things I’m curious about is why you choose to describe yourself as an insurgent, could you please go into some detail for our audience?

Caleb:  I call myself an insurgent is because I’m speaking a message that is empowering all cultures, all backgrounds of spirituality in a way where I can offer my message and well when I teach and when I talk about dreams to people in a way where there is no boundaries for me. I’m going into any place possible and my main goal is not only to empower the everyday person but it’s also to challenge people who think that they hold the keys for themselves and they can’t share with other people.

Why do you feel dreams are so important for people?

Caleb:  Well, our dreams are ways that our higher power speaks to us when our mind is at rest because during the daytime our minds are moving at 100 miles an hour. During that time it’s hard to get into a place of peace and meditation and relaxation but the night time scientifically is the time that’s proven where our minds are the most at rest and therefore

it opens ourselves up to be able to be an antenna to receive those messages coming from our higher power coming through the dreams and going through that doorway.

Colette:  Why is it some people remember their dreams and some people don’t?

Caleb:  I would say there are multiple reasons why. The first thing that I would engage with is to see ultimately how much time someone’s getting for sleep or what’s happening before you go to sleep as well too.

One that one of the things that really are a key differentiator in our culture which has really changed the way that people sleeps or don’t sleep is the electronics.

 I found that the actual static has been released from the air and I’ve actually been able to fall into sleep and that’s an answer for most people.  Especially if you’re on your smart phone or on your laptop or you’re like the last thing you’re doing before you close your eyes is on your electronics, it’s gonna mess up with your frequency and with ultimately your REM sleep.


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