Discussed in an interview on The Truth is Funny….Shift Happens! With Host Colette Marie Stefan: Carly Penfold organizes the monthly Holistic Market and Psychic Fair to Connect Body, Mind and Spirit

Monthly Holistic Market & Psychic Fair

Colette:  Today I am excited to welcome Carly Penfold to the show, and she is going to be speaking with us about her Holistic Market and Psychic Fair. Could you tell us about this wonderful monthly event, Carly?

Carly:  Of course, and thanks for the warm welcome!  So as far as this event is concerned, it’s a group of people that have come together and created such a community vibe that it just elevates everybody.  These people are already open to having alternative healing, a lot of the times they already have a foundational knowledge of what energy is and how that works with healing.

They come to this market looking for alternative healing methods that are a little outside of the norm.

When and Where?!

Colette:  So when is the next event?  And what does it cost to get in?

Carly:  The next Holistic Market and Psychic Fair will be held on May 27th, and is absolutely FREE for the public.  We open at 11am and it goes until 4pm.

Colette:  Anything else you’d like our listeners to know about this event?

Carly:  There are a lot of door prizes that are donated by the vendors and they’re given away throughout the day. So it’s really easy to enter that you just put down your name and phone number and email address and then you’re in for the draw.  So much fun, and so much love throughout the event, come and see for yourself!


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