Discussed in an interview on The Truth is Funny….Shift Happens! With Host Colette Marie Stefan: The Dragons and summer! Call-in to the Show for a Dragon Card Reading from Colette

Astrological Awareness…

Colette:  The term retrograde just means our perspective from the earth planets appear to have stopped or to be going backwards, but it’s just an illusion. Having said that, the energy of all these planets going retrograde is having quite a huge effect on people. One of the main planets currently in retrograde is Mars which was just yesterday and it’s been making me a little wound up. I’ve been like go-go-go, I’ve had a very busy time as far as career and just getting things done around my environment around my yard, in my home and this is the energy that a lot of us have been experiencing as of late. When I talk to people they’re saying how it feels like kind of aggressive energy that way.

The dragon for the day is insightful even though she’s not done and she’s just kind of a sketch right now but I also thought in all fairness she was another card today. And that would be and what came up is the attachment card.

The attachment is a karmic space and this is about when we get too attached to people, places, things, the way you are sentimental about the way things are, sentimental about people right now, that is what’s happening to a lot of people right now due to these six planets going backwards.

 Colette:  I’d like to take time to go through the rest of the planets too. Pluto is like the roto-rooter of the universe and, you know, DEEP.  So we want to strengthen anything that’s brought up in the next little while, so that we would be able to handle what’s coming up. Uranus takes a long time to come around and if you get in touch with what was going on around this time in 2008 and you can recognize that this is kind of like the finishing of that pattern almost is what’s coming up astrologically.

So astrological awareness is not MORE important than a lot of the other energetic weaknesses that come up, but just lately it has been more prevalent, as there have been many people affected by the pull of these planets.


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