Discussed in an interview on The Truth is Funny….Shift Happens! With Host Colette Marie Stefan: The Negative Effects of Negative Psychic Energy & How to Clear it Away with Leroy Malouf

Who is Leroy Malouf..?

Colette:  My guest today is one of my favorite, Leroy Malouf and

Leroy is a powerful life business and energy coach who teaches others to take charge of their own health and well-being. He is committed to assisting clients in creating significant breakthroughs and sustainable improvements in their lives.

Leroy works with clients in person on the phone and Skype and also and for individual sessions and he teaches the positive power of being neutral. He is the founder of energetic well-being process, the author of “Knowing and Living Your Purpose” and a bunch of other things.

Today we’re going to be stepping into the realm of negative psychic energy, what are some of your insights?

Leroy:  Hi Colette, so great to be here! For some, this is a scary topic to handle, but so important to acknowledge.

These energies have to exist somewhere, so we send them off to a variety of different places… We send them off to the light, two black holes and energy in the universe, dark energy, dark matter, other universes, dimensions, free cleats, frequencies, times of spaces, where the true self directs them to go and very importantly where they cannot affect another beam.

Colette:  Okay so that I’ve never heard you say before. We’ve been working together for 10 years now. So tell me about that.

Leroy:  The word psychic energies can affect a person, their personality, a location, event all have a great impact.

What I do then is go free, restore, integrate, and protect, as one who is completely filled with light and unconditional love.  100% positive to the persons, to infinity and beyond. That’s the full protocol.

Leroy: More common darker energies that may sound more familiar are ones such as black magic and negative witchcraft but there’s a lot beyond that.

We also talk about spirit attachments, entities, spirits, people attachments, there’s also negative spells, curses, mantras, implication and contagion and by the way this can not only be in this light but it could be something that a person experienced in a past life. So when I’m working with a client I check both of those and we clear both this life and past.

Also, people can pick up energies from past life, from ancestors, other dimensions, universes, spaces, times, people talk about implants and transplants and then there’s things like lying enslavement, indentured, servitude, vendetta, secrets, revenge and then there’s kind of agreements that people enter into negative pledges, contracts, promises, understandings, commitments, vows etc.

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