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Phil and I recently were talking about getting together to work on shifting some energy. We both energetically have been picking up on very widespread “fear” of the future energy. It seems as if many people are very insecure about the future right now, but when it is tested energetically, it feels like more like issues from the past that are not yet resolved are what are the causes of this energy. This is a subject that I have been talking about for quite some time, so Phil and I dove a little bit deeper into it all. So, where does this fear of the future come from exactly and how do we resolve it?


Phil mentions in this episode, that a lot of concern of the future comes from unresolved issues from the past. Not many are aware to that, and that is the underlying issue. Sometimes people fail to look inside themselves or to look at what has happened in their pasts, and this is something that must be strengthened in order to resolve any current fears. As far as some of the weaknesses phil has been picking up on have to do with feelings of “helplessness”. So to help us this often comes from a lack of knowledge or awareness along with the ability to connect with that answer. What we must do is get neutral to all of this as it comes up in life – Phil encourages for people to learn more about the energy work and what is really moving through their bodies.


Our caller “Cindi” shares a little bit about her most recent experiences of fear on this episode. “Last week I was speaking with Phil and his brother and I was in a very anxious, self doubtful place. I was looking for a job and I wasn’t sure if I should be taking a job or doing my own practice which felt really important to me and my personality was really hung up on that. And I’m pleased to say that I was offered that job and so I’m in much a more peaceful place with being able to do that, so I want to say thank you and I appreciate that help that I had.”


This was awesome news, as with the rest of our callers on the show. When you tune in, you will hear Phil and I specifically working with energies of the callers and relatable “fears” that may help you get yourself un-stuck from wherever you have been in your life.


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