Discussed in an interview on The Truth is Funny….Shift Happens! With Host Colette Marie Stefan: Layers of Call to Dance with Will Hatch

Who is Will Hatch?

Colette:  My guest today is Will Hatch. After becoming disillusioned at twenty eight years old, Will walked away from the political arena and decided to explore his potential as a conscious being.

All problems are really just solutions and possibilities in disguise!

Will Hatch started climbing mountains for fun, and then began applying that energy to everyday challenges. He is determined to deliver a powerful democracy through the development of a system that will effectively expand each citizen’s circle of influence to the whole country, and give a clear voice to voters, allowing them to interact and cooperate with each other and the government to explore creative solutions to the problems facing our country.

Colette:  Will just happened to be traveling through, and we’ve been working on the layer four call to dance manuals. The layer four seminar in on September 29th to the 30th. What have you been up to? How’s life been treating you?

Will:  I go to a real job. It was interesting back in the office. I had a nice chance to feel what the normal world does and for what normal people do, and what they think about it! I’m an electrical engineer, but I have some strong ethical disagreements with the professional organization that governs engineers. I manage systems that work and assist people to get the tools they need. One day I might get the beautiful challenge of creating some custom tool to take information and push it across seamlessly.

Different layers of the Call to Dance Program…

Colette: Layer one is about the basics and what the Call to Dance Program actually is. It’s about letting go. In layer three, we work on new careers and new pathways – new choices. Layer four is about the heart energy.

These seminars are a great opportunity to experience the feeling of being with likeminded people that want to shift energy. It also gives people a chance to see what this energy work is really like.

When talking about energy work, a lot of people say you can peel the layers of the onion, and you just keep on peeling. But remember, onions can be very stinky and they can make you cry!


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