Discussed in an interview on The Truth is Funny….Shift Happens! With Host Colette Marie Stefan: Ten Year Anniversary of Interior Wellness Festival with Elizabeth Beeds

Who is Elizabeth Beeds?

Colette:  My guest today is Elizabeth Beeds, a spiritual entrepreneur for over twenty five years.

Belief in the power of events to uplift, motivate, inspire and heal in more powerful and accelerated ways, than can be done alone

Elizabeth Beeds created Interior Wellness Magazine and the Interior Wellness Festival and Mountain Spirit Festival. She has also been a holistic practitioner in many different modalities, including massage, herbal healing, Reiki, etc. Elizabeth was also a martial arts instructor, yoga teacher, nutritionist, wilderness guide, transformational event leader, yoga studio owner, wellness center owner and magazine and book publisher. She is also a connector and mentor for other wellness businesses, and trains holistic practitioners in online basics.

Colette:  Tell us about this amazing festival that you’ve been putting on for ten years. This is a huge accomplishment!

Interior Wellness Festival…

Elizabeth:  Okay, it’s the Interior Wellness Festival, it takes place in the middle of British Columbia on October 19th through the 20th. It’s a three day transformational event, over eighty workshops to choose from, and close to one hundred vendors. We have a healing garden where you can go and get healing treatments, and a café for healthy food, music and entertainment. With the vendors and exhibitors, you can get readings and treatments, incredible products – clothes, crystals, books, jewelry, etc.


Colette: So, you’re a connector and mento other wellness businesses, but also for people that have really open mindsets and look at different ways of doing things. I feel like you’re a trailblazer!

Elizabeth:  There are a lot of people who are doing amazing things like you, had to get a platform going so we can come together for a weekend and hang out. I create things to bring them together.


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