Discussed in an interview on The Truth is Funny….Shift Happens! With Host Colette Marie Stefan: Living and Learning Your Purpose in a Positive Existence with Marianna Harangozo

Who is Marianna Harangozo?

Colette:  My guest today is Marianna Harangozo, successful entrepreneur and spiritual visionary.

You can receive direction on what you are meant to do in your life, and do it with authenticity and purpose!

Marianna Harangozo is a Certified Crystal Healer, Yuen Method practitioner, Reiki practitioner for horses and humans, Access Consciousness practitioner, natural horsemanship trainer, wellness workship facilitator. She also facilitates meditations and healing sessions guided by Spirit, and using her crystal singing bowls. Marianna is also the founder and owner of the Akashic Ranch private wellness facility and The Crystals & Curiosities Cabin metaphysical store in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. The Ranch is 250 acres of sacred land and natural healing space dedicated to the quest for personal growth, enlightenment and fulfillment through spiritual teachings.

What started this work?

Marianna:  I was just coming out of a volatile situation in life and sort of looking for grounding and purpose and direction. I started looking into several different modalities, and tried to find my way spiritually. I was asking myself, what am I going to do next? What do I want to do? It’s pretty easy living a negative life.

Our intent, our intuition. It’s the most amazing guidance system, and so many of us aren’t even aware of how to use it.

Colette:  I tell people at my seminars and on my show, that even in the most challenging times – if you recognize that every single challenge has many, many possibilities hidden in it. Sometimes, all we can do is break it down into smaller pieces and consistently take steps of action toward building a better, more pleasing reality for ourselves.

Marianna:  Life is really just a series of energetic responses to everything that goes on around us and everything we do. It’s not about being positive and having faith, but about being an active participant in what occurs in our life.

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