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LeRoy, I’ll just giving your bio for those that are, who are listening, who haven’t had the pleasure to experience Leroy Malouf. He is a powerful life business and energy coach who teaches others to take charge of their own health and wellbeing. He has committed to assisting clients in creating significant breakthroughs and sustainable improvements in their lives. Leroy works with clients in person and on the phone and Skype for individual sessions. He teaches the positive power of being neutral teleseminar and, and, um, is also the founder of a energetic wellbeing process. He has several books that he’s written.

Leroy Malouf talks about his 14 careers, beginning with a career as a pilot in the US Air Force.

Archive 27

Over the course of careers and life, Leroy had ample opportunity to observe and learn lessons for life which he shares with listeners.



70% of the population is carrying anger.  And they don’t understand how to deal with it. So one of the main ways, one of the many, one of the main things I do is to help people remember when they have experienced unconditional love. And it’s funny because oftentimes they’ll talk about their dog or their cat and I’ll say, well what did you experience with your dog? And they say, well, acceptance support, fun play. I said, okay. So there is a real definition of unconditional love.


And we branch out from there until we get a really good, a bunch of feelings and experiences of that. And then I’d say, let’s see if we can expand this in your heart. And what you run into is people’s negative experiences of life. You know, I was with this person as a partner or you know, a business partner or a love partner and they laughed and betrayed me and did this and that and so on. So people get jaundiced by their negative experiences. So what we have to do is get them neutral to that. So that their energy doesn’t go weak every time they think of love and then then they’re open to expanding their feelings of unconditional love.



People make a choice to be happy.

I’ve seen people who have been diagnosed with very severe disease and in very hard situations choosing to be happy. But what I’ve noticed because I’ve been doing a lot of work on this for myself also is this anger thing is that once you recognize that anger is really unresolved grief and quite often a very deep, profound grief of many, many ancestors and upcoming descendants, the grief that the world has for the anger out there that we’re seeing all the fighting and everything between the countries and between men and women, all of that is just an illusion.

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