This is a love story overflowing with heartache, mystical, magical miracles and the whisper of hope that lingered softly between the breath of life and the piece of death. A young girl’s profound journey through a neurological disorder called Guillain Barre Syndrome.

Beauty. H Faulkner was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada in 1997 and her soul awakening journey began leading her to deep study and devoted practice of alternative and energy medicine. She is passionate about the soul’s evolution and helping others elevate their lives. She is a beautiful singer, songwriter, recording artist and founder of beauties, rainbow productions, her beautiful daughter LeRae Faulkner was also born and raised in Saskatoon. And after overcoming a life threatening illness, she began traveling the world, expressing her creativity and living life to the fullest. She also attended the college of Saskatoon Polytech and has graduated with honors and a diploma in therapeutic recreation. She has a passion for empowering others, which motivates her to share her story and explore the possibility of becoming a writer.spiritual-healing-epigenetics-charan-sudhar-energy-shift

Guillain Barre Syndrome. It’s a disorder which the body’s immune system attack part of the peripheral nervous system. So it attacks the Myelin sheath and then Myelin sheath gets damaged and that the Myelin sheath transmit signals to the brain. And so when it’s damaged it causes weakness, numbness and paralysis.

And my dad’s experience, he was 68, he felt achy, tingling, feeling in his legs and then he collapsed at home. They called an ambulance, took him to the hospital, he got there and they told him, you know, like he told them he had been dieting. My Dad was about 120 pounds overweight and they, and they told him, you know, he told them they were dying and he lost his, his, um, his legs underneath. So he was, you know, they were watching him in the ward and then all of a sudden he said, you know, he couldn’t even feed himself anymore cause his arms weren’t working. And my mum went home to go get him a pillow and while she was gone, he tried to walk and fell and just totally went and you know, and they got him back into the bed and my uncle just happened to walk in. And he was blue and they call the cold blue at the hospital. And um, you know, that was his journey. He was, he was, you know, it was a long journey for him, but he regained everything. Um, he always would joke, I had a good sense of humor. He said, you know, um, the only diet that ever worked for him because he lost a hundred pounds.

We a diet, but he didn’t recommend it for anyone. So his experience was very severe. Um, and so how was yours? Do you want to, what, how old were you, what was going on, you know, and what, what, what, what, what happened?

No, I was 15 at the time and I was just a typical regular high school student living my life, in gymnastics, cheerleading, I’m performing with my mom and all of a sudden I kind of got like a cold and then it kind of progressed and I got sicker and sicker and then my lymph nodes swollen. And then one morning I woke up and like my feet were tingling and I had blurry vision and I was like, oh, I don’t know. I feel like I just need more sleep, I’ll go to sleep. And then it totally progressed from there. And then my mom had to take me to emergency room.

I was on the ventilator for about a month and within that month I had pneumonia, double pneumonia, high fever to freezing cold episodes of tachycardia where they had to stop my heart and restarted. And my parents weren’t sure if I going to survive that, but they had to choose to do that or else I was going to die.

I felt that my father became like my child, he was helpless with the same illness [Guillain Barre Syndrome]. And so as his mother, I had to go to a place where I could see him and he was able to come home for, like it took them, it was quite a struggle for him.


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January 23, 2019