The DNA of organizational excellence. Claudette Rowley Cultural Brilliance CEO is a change management consultant, cultural designer and executive coach. She is passionate about empowering leaders and organizations to be solved, complex or guest organizational problems and ways that honor the intelligence of their cultural systems and the brilliance of their people.


For almost 20 years now, Claudette has consulted, trained and coached executive leaders and teams at fortune 500 companies, small businesses, higher education and startups to create proactive and innovative workplace cultures which deliver outstanding results throughout all areas of an organization with a client list that includes Medtronic, Boston University, School of law and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Claudette’s unique programs, solve complicated problems, create, buy in and engagement and receive high reviews. Claudette is the creator of the cultural brilliance system and hosts a globally syndicated radio show. She also teaches a course on culture and communication at northeastern university and is the author of Cultural Brilliance, the DNA of organizational excellence. This is a step by step guide to activating the greatness in your organization. Claudette also holds a master degree from the University of Michigan and she lives in the Greater Boston area with her family.

It is about discovering the greatness of the potential in organizations. I’ve consulted for a long time and one thing that I have noticed is that in a lot of organizations, almost all of them, most leaders and people were leaving so much potential on the table in the form of their business culture that they didn’t really use all the potential in their people. They didn’t use their best skills and talents,  people weren’t feeling that they could contribute in certain ways. Most organizations don’t even talk about their culture, don’t know a lot about it. I wanted to put together a system and a roadmap to help organizations really tap into that potential that they have in the form of their culture.Spiritual-Wellness-Fesitval

What does brilliant culture mean? The official definition of a brilliant culture is that it’s an organizational system that proactively responds to change in ways that decrease stress, inspire learning, and promote organizational health and success. And the reason I created that definition is because I noticed that the organizations really needed a way to adapt.

The book is written more toward companies and businesses, but it absolutely applies to any organization, nonprofit organization, your house of worship, your community organization, anything

like that. Also individual people because the two people in a relationship, relationships have cultures too. Even two people form a culture. That’s a point that is often missed it. It’s interesting.

An organizational culture needs to know itself, the same exact same principles apply. So it’s really about finding out how you are. The self awareness piece, you know, strengths, weaknesses, underlying beliefs are huge. Mindset is huge when we talk about all that and culture too, and then the second broad phase of the process is designed, and that’s really about where you want to go or in an organization, it’s the culture you want to have. Whatever the case may be, then it’s really designing how you’re going to move from where you are now to where you want to be.

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March 13, 2019