First order of business is that Phil Free and his brother Michael Deleage have been hosting this radio show for two year now. Phil has been on my show about 50 times over the past six years. The bad news is that April 3rd was their last show here on the Truth is Funny. I just want to thank them for all the amazing information that they’ve shared and all of the energetic upgrades.  The good news is that I am going to be filling that space with the Official Dragonsayer Show.

I’m getting very close to finishing my Tales from the Vector  dragon, Oracle. This is a project that I’ve been working on for 12 years now and I’m on dragon number 63. Of course, her name is synchronicity and I’ve been sharing some of the sketches of her on Facebook and, and will continue to do so as I work on her. For those of you who have listened to the show before, the Tales from the Vector dragon cards are actually energy correcting cards that worked using feng shui principles as you place them around your home. I also have reproductions of my paintings. I started this project back in 2007 and have been diligently working on it for 12 years now. As these dragons have come to being,  there are a series of paintings, and I’ve imprinted them with my crystal energy and also with all the energetic things I’m doing at the time.

I brought the cards out three years ago. On April 28th it will be three years ago that we brought them out. Cindy Lee and I brought them to the Spring Festival of awareness back three years ago and on April 28th and they’ve been out there playing with people from all around the world for three years now at the end of April this

Many of the people that I connect with at my seminars are professional people that are wanting to use this information of how to identify what leading weaknesses are really preventing people from moving forward. This is what I feel I specialize in is empowering other people to identify their strengths and weaknesses and work with those strengths and eliminate the weaknesses. They never are what you think they are. What I do is a balancing act between the creativity and the creative solutions and also the logical thinking. When I first started teaching energy seminars back in 2009, I would bring crayons to the seminars and say to people, just use crayons to color in, to take notes.

Because if you get into this place of being like an innocent child and playing with the energy, then what happens is it allows you to not be so concerned regarding whether you’re right or wrong there. When we are doing energy work, we’re not really talking about right or wrong. We are more talking about whether or not, things are weak or strong, whether they’re in alignment or out of alignment. This information is extremely powerful and will benefit people in every single aspect of their lives. You can use it for business, you can use it for finances, you can use it for health relationships.

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