So we all seek a sense the connection and purpose in our lives, but how can we nourish these needs?

Let’s look at how viewing ourselves and our world from a wider perspective can enable us to move forward in harmony delving into the big questions of: is there life after death?


Let’s look at how to make use of faith in the infinite universe combined with practical knowledge to enhance our lives. My guest today is Marie Holm. She explores themes of spirituality, contemplative techniques and new age movements with critical management studies. Following a degree in management science from softball and university and a PhD from ESCP (École supérieure de commerce de Paris) Europe. She completed a post doctorate at Grenoble Ecole de Management. Her research appears in peer reviewed academic journals including organization and the Journal of Management, spirituality and religion plus many others.

She teaches and presents internationally, including the Academy of Management and European Academy of Management annual conferences. Previously she worked within the energy industry in Norway at Google in Ireland and ran an event management company in Canada among other pursuits on the spiritual side. Maria is a long time meditator and yogini, a certified holistic healer, medium and minister of the Norwegian Spiritualist Foundation (NSF), the representative for France for the SNUi (Spiritualists’ National Union) and within the past certifications of SNUi for mediumship as a speaker of spiritual philosophy.

link between intuition and grief

Critical management studies, from the limited understanding that I have, is an approach which questions the dominant ways of doing things. We tend to look at alternative movements in society.

Capitalism being the dominant economic system, we’ll look at different stress reduction programs that are put in place to deal with the repercussions of this. If people are feeling that they’re just trading their time for money and they’re just going to work until they die then life has no joy. We look at these sociological aspects in relation to economic and political factors and want to have a bigger understanding of the issue. To understand what the process of things is, of how it unfolds and how people’s understandings and perceptions make an impact. That’s also a link to the work, about sociology and social constructivism is reality, but reality is also what we think reality is.

Yes, it’s so popular to say, “We steer our reality and we create our own reality.” We co-create our reality with many people on the planet and other beings. But I’ve noticed that people can become very ingrained in their ways because of fear. There was a candidate for office in the provincial election here in Albert. When he was speaking to people, they want jobs, they want a solution now. They don’t want to participate in the new normal.

They want people to fix the old normal so that they can go back to the old normal.

Because we are actually traveling throughout space time and we’re never in the same place at the same time, it’s impossible for us to actually replicate an exact situation that happened in the past. And why would we want to, when we could move forward possibly in a more progressive way.

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