My cohost on the show today will be Stellaphant, my kitten. She has a very loud voice and possibly purr, if she feels like it. This cohost is not to be confused with Karen Betten, who is the founder of limited unlimited living who shows up every third Wednesday and, consistently to cohost the truth is funny.

I do want to warn you, I’m not yet playing with a full deck, but I’m very close to completing this one. I started Tales from the Vector way back in 2007 on February 1st was when my first dragon appeared. And quite frankly, I didn’t talk about them too much at the time because I thought maybe it’s not such a good thing to be seeing dragons and speaking to them, but they have been with me now for close to 15 years I guess. And I have found that there were about unconditional love and I’ve had such an amazing time doing these paintings.

The very first dragon from Tails from the Vector, she showed up in my living room and she told me that I would be painting 64 dragons and she was the first in an oracle that would come at a time in history for the planet when it was most needed, at exactly the right time. And I said, 64 paintings are, are they small?

No, the dragon said, very big paintings. Each one usually takes me about six months to complete. The longest one that I ever worked on, the longest time it took was three years. Um, and, and that is because while I’m painting these paintings, I’m energetically connecting with what’s going on in the planet and I am inputting the energetic shifts into these paintings.bokeh-daylight-dragon-208326

So back in 2000 and I think it was three years ago, Cindy Lee Yellen and I went out to Spring Festival awareness and she helped me bring the dragons out. At that time I only had 25 of them. In the next year, I had gone to Peru for an Iowaska ceremony and while I was there, I realized when I came home that my visions were some of the other cards in the deck. I’ve completed a 62 out of 64 and I have 62 energy correcting cards out there. You can order paintings and the Ahnje Ecstascia came to me and said that she was the crystal queen that, um, she had laid every egg on the planet to create all crystals.

I have my master’s in crystology. I’ve studied crystals a lot. She is embedded with I think 86 crystals along her spine. She’s holding the Pearl of wisdom in her hands, or claws. She is sitting on a crystal generator and she is pulling all this beautiful energy in and she is sitting in the flow because she’s on a crystal generator. She’s got this beautiful energy and she is very honored throughout the universe for laying all these eggs. However, for her, she was sad because she wanted to have a real baby dragon and that’s when she met the dragon that we’ll share next nested dragon show. That would be Mr Sexuality, our performance dragon.

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