Charan Surdhar is an epigeneticist by training and work history.

Charan turned epigeneticist from her inner most desire to reveal the truth about our human potential. She has a bachelor’s degree in microbiology, a master’s in human genetics. She worked in the field of genetics for 13 years. Identifying genetic mutations for a whole host of genetic diseases and has contributed to scientific papers as well as textbooks today. She works specifically with genetic diseases assisting to release the energy in the form of emotions, beliefs, perceptions that get in the way of the natural flow of the body to bring about positive gene expression. Sharan is leading the paradigm and in the revolutionary new field of epigenetics. Charan has been featured on hidden science, TV, punk science, and she is an author and followed her passion to make easy-to-understand videos explaining epigenetics.shift-truth-awaken

I know today we’re talking about miracles and the DNA and how that’s connected, but I think this is a great example for everyone. In the sense of you and I, we both practice this, no matter what life has for us, or throws to us, by being present. We are able to get on with it.

It all sounds like really good stuff and it’s like this is really, something that I feel like, it’s really important to talk about on the show and for other people out there because a lot of people have not learned how to get into that place. Life is very challenging right now for some people because it’s not normal.

One is that we have to make some time in the day where we do meditate or if we go out into nature or just be present to something, say even 10 minutes before we start our day. And that just gives you that space, to then take that into the rest of the day. It’s two scenarios. One, is you wake up in the morning, go grab your coffee and you’re out the door and you’re rushing and you feel like the day is ahead of you and you keep chasing everything. The second scenario is if you were to give yourself 10 minutes and then you begin, then you can go get your coffee and then get on with your day. It’s two opposites, and you feel more like the day’s coming behind you and you’re just being in that

Then it becomes easier to actually deal with that. You become more present to it. I wanted to bring in the biological aspect of it because if you have the number one scenario where you have the coffee and you feel like you’re chasing your day, it really is like being on a hamster wheel and you’re constantly just chasing things and it doesn’t stop.

This is where things like insomnia can come in where inflammation happens. It’s because the body is having to fight stress all the time. The DNA is then responding that way. Then if we’re looking at how to create a miracle body and how to create what would be health and wellbeing and that Miracle Body is connected to that higher a network. If you wake up in the morning, you connect and you know what you’re going to do and what you’re not going to do and you’ve connected yourself. You’ve aligned yourself to that. You’re not actually chasing your day. You’re actually coming from a place where you’ve connected with it already, you’re higher network. That network then works through you so that the level of stress is much lower. Then inflammation is lower.

The reason it would cause inflammation is because of the chronic stress. Eventually your body’s going to get tired. There’s going to be moments where you feel like it’s had enough. But you keep going, you keep going and going. The body will break down and that’s where the inflammation comes from.


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