Marianne Harangozo is a certified crystal healer energy worker, Reiki practitioner for horse and humans. She’s an access consciousness practitioner on natural horsemanship trainer and wellness workshop facilitator. She is a successful entrepreneur and spiritual visionary and is also the founder and owner of Akashic Ranch private wellness facility.



I was visiting a friend’s property in Smokey Lake and it was sort of a hippie retreat. And so I was out there with my brother and sister in law and a friend and we were sitting around the campfire. We started singing songs and dreaming up that were one day we were going to have this really, really open hearted, you know, music festival somewhere, calling it Stokefest.


If you need any background to that story, you can read the article, the Butler and the Bell Ringer. It’s on my webpage – Akashic Ranch –  and it describes why the land is so healing. I was brought here to open this space. Of course it’s our own private property. We started doing this Stokefest, Psychic Fair, and now it’s our fifth year running and it’s going to be our largest one to date for sure.

It’s not a noisy closed conference room. It’s out in nature, there’s huge areas of land. I know for myself, when I get a psychic reading, I love to just kind of sit back and reflect, and not be enclosed in a building with a bunch of people and a lot of noise.

People stay for the day and the picnic and there’s going to be some entertainment and things like that. The base reasons we’re doing it is to allow healing for all of the people who come. Everyone that gets a message from spirit, obviously there is an element of energetic healing that’s involved in that. That to me is the important part of it.



It’s always pure and it definitely is very unique place, why do you feel it’s so pure?




When I go back and listen to some of the things that I’ve been told by several readers and I’d say a good eight of them stand out in my mind. There’s a vortex on the property, actually there’s eight vortexes on the property and you can tangibly feel them as you walk through. In one you feel very light and very pretty. Then in the big one you literally feel like your whole DNA structure is being reconfigured. It’s just an incredible, incredible feeling.


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The Truth is Funny …..shift happens! with Host Colette Marie Stefan: Stokefest Psychic Fair 2019! and Akashic Ranch with Marianne Harangozo

May 22, 2019